Who will advance?

Well, the playoffs have begun. Who is going on this week and who is going home. I’m fairly sure the Green and White are going to handle cry baby Burris and the Smellgary Dumbpeders, and I’m leaning towards a Winnepeg win this weekend. Can’t Wait.

Ive found that making fun of the team names only ends up eventually coming back to bite you in the a.....

I do think the Riders will move on, they've shown over the course of the year that they are the better team, but anything can happen in a single elimination.

Out East I think Winnipeg is going to be too much for the Als to handle on the road without Calvillo.

Dust, it's a big game. A little bit of poking fun at the other team only adds to the excitement of the game.

…lol, the Smellgary Dumbpeders…are you like in grade 3 or something?!..

Nice one, Red. :lol:

I say the Riders move ahead. Their last showing will wake them up. Plus, they have the advantage being at home. They’re 6-3 at home while the Stamps are 2-7 on the road. The Stamps haven’t been good on the road for a while.

The Bombers/Als game is a little harder to judge. Brady is looking good, and even though the Bombers have home field, it’s still hard getting those back-to-back wins. I’d like to see Winnipeg move ahead, so I’ll go with them.

i think is asee a trend that i agree with. taylor field is hard to play in and i see the riders taking theirs. and this season canad ins ahs been the same, bombers do good at home and seem to be at beating the als.

I think smellgary has a good shot. All the pressures on Saskatchewan, and after last weeks performance, i doubt they're all that confident.

I smell an upset.


Sambo are you not the troll police come get this guy. He is rather bad it!
Winnipeg beats trhe Als and the Stampeders beat the Pisssant Rider team.

Charles Roberts is back and Tom Canada too I believe. Have to go with the 'Peg on this one. I've liked the Riders all year but if there is going to be an upset, I think it will be here. Winnipeg and Calgary to advance.

Now you see rider fans there are smart fans out there.

Thats true there are, too bad you aren't one

sorry couldn't resist.

here is my take that I posted on the VGCC thread

Montreal @ Winnipeg: Two teams that are not playing the best football of the season. Montreal without AC will struggle, and I think the Bombers might actually break out of their funk and dominate this game.
Winner: Bombers

Calgary @ Saskatchewan: I think this is gonna be a hell of a game, and I think its gonna be a tail of two halfs. I predict that Calgary will be either winning or really playing well in the first half. Sask is gonna turn it on in the second though and win by a touchdown or more.
Winner: Saskatchewan

Calgary is a tough opponent and I would not be shocked if they won, disapointed and upset, but not shocked. It is the CFL anything can happen. That being said I fully expect the Riders to Win

That's the great thing about the 'Edit' button. If I'm wrong I'll be back here Sunday night. wink

I want Winnipeg and Saskatchewan to win. However I think Calgary has the ability to make it to the GC. Heres what I predict:

Winnipeg 27
Montreal 17

Calgary 32
Saskatchewan 28

Calgary and Montreal advance. Im siding with Adrian Smith. Those were his picks also.

Riders to beat those whiny stumps

Winnipeg to beat Montreal

Of the two road teams, I'd give Calgary a better shot at advancing. Montreal is a total mess right now thanks to the delusional "I'm a great coach!" Jim Popp.

Neither Saskatchewan or Calgary is getting past BC though.

I think the Riders have a shot at making it past B.C, but don't see Smellgary.


I have this hunch Red that he doesn't like Calgary very much! :roll: :roll: :roll:

No I love Calgary, very nice city and great fans. Had a blast at last years semi.