Who wil have a new GM first, Cats or Leafs?

I will go with the Cats.

If the Leafs get blown out by Montreal tonight however all bets are off!

The Leafs continue to dither over John Ferguson who should have been gone long ago...while he continues to dither over Maurice. As usual nothing will happen quickly.

I also vote for the CATS. If ever there is a remedy for the Leafs, its the lowly HABS. The LEAFS always have the HABS #, just as Buffalo always has the HABS #.
For some reason, there are always Teams the Leafs can beat (HABS), and the HABS cannot (Sabres).
So, this translates to a stay of execution for Fergusen (but not for long...).
The Eagle - :roll: :roll: :roll:

It's neck and neck. The Cats have an opening and John Ferguson Jr is an opening about to happen. Both organizations apparently have spoken to replacements.

Scotty Bowman when asked what it would take to get him to come to Toronto to replace Ferguson said he wanted the same salary as the Raptor's Brian Colangelo minus coach Sam Mitchell's salary. The Leafs balked at that point.

An Argo-Cat fan

"Lowly" Habs? Are we talking all-time history? Habs are way ahead in that category. Habs haven't been so lowly with Gainey and Carboneau and their Stanley Cup rings. Habs only signed Smolinski in the off-season. But "hey" they're in 7th with the "lowly" Buds 3rd from last.
Prediction tonight. Habs 5-3.

Not only that, Barn, but Chris Cutbert noted on the Team 990 here in Montreal yesterday that Bowman received TWO offers by MLSE -- first one by Larry Tannenbaum, then by Richard Peddie. Problem was, Peddie's offer to Scotty was HALF that of Tannenbaum!! If that doesn't indicate that the ship is rudderless, I don't know what does.

Oski Wee Wee,

Wow you sure got that one right Kreskin. How is the view from the basement for you and the other Leaf fans? Get used to it because the Leafs are going to be down there for a long time. :twisted:

I tend to agree with Mr. Guy Lafleur on the Habs.

They have 4, 4th lines. I mean, a player like Guy Latendresse, who doesn't belong in the league, is on the 1st line!

Two days from the last loss....and still nothing from the Leafs. Same old from MLSE. News of the loss probably has not reached top management yet.
Looks like we will have a new GM first.

Okay..4, 4th lines...#1 power play in the league and sitting 2nd in their division, 4th in their conference and 5th in the league. Where are the leafs?

Is this thread supposed to be of the joking nature? lol