In an interview with Lancaster it was mentioned that 3 players showed up late for the team meeting. Which Lancaster wasn't happy about. :x

WHO WERE THEY? anyone know?


Yea I know of one. It was Danny McManus. I guess he lost his way.

The important thing is that they know who they are.... :wink:

No clue, that's an in-house matter and I respect that. If it is a recurrent issue, eventually those players would have their cuts announced publicly. As long as the rules are clear, the M.O. is fine by me.

Oski Wee Wee,

Chris Martin
Greg Marshall
Jamie Borham

Flipped his SUV, anyone remember that, comes back for our only win in 2003.(sorry for making you relive the agony)

Not funny regarding Marshall -- tasteless in fact. Same goes for Martin. I won't comment on Boreham.

Oski Wee Wee,

I thought it was funny

Get a sense of humour. I thought it was funny too. you people take yourselves too seriously on this message board. Marshall, Martin and soon to be Boreham didnt earn there keep, so as far as im concerned, they deserved to be out on there behinds. Ronnie wont take no guff from noone, so lets expect some discipline here

more humour is what this website needs!!....good one captain!!

One person who im guessing was late for the meeting must have been Auggie Barrenechea, only because he did not play on friday...he suited up but never got on the field

I thought it was funny too. Completely lacking in sympathy and compassion, but funny nonetheless