who we will take at #1 and #4 in the draft

We can take whoever we want at #1. Based on the CFL Evaluation camp test results, the clear choice would be DT Bekasiak. We do have a clear need for a big, Belli-type inside. The Ticats currently have the following Canadian players who can play DT: McKay-Loescher, Dunbrack, Pilon and Wayne. Desjardins has already stated that McKay-Loescher is going to play DE. Pilon, I think, won't survive training camp. And Dunbrack is clearly getting up there in age. Therefore if Bekasiak agrees, ahead of the Canadian draft, to come to Hamilton's training camp (because he isn't drafted by an NFL team or given a look as an NFL free agent), expect the Cats to take him at #1. If the NFL does knock on Bekasiak's door, I don't think the Cats will select him at #1, because one would think that with the #1 and #4 picks, Hamilton would want players who can help them immediately. If Bekasiak isn't available immediately, look for Hamilton to instead select safety Crawford. Crawford (who is from Burlington) is very athletic and loves to hit, and would do very well platooning with Shaw, Beveridge or Gauthier (whoever survives training camp) at safety. He would also give us the best safety prospect we've had in Hamilton since Hitchcock was a rookie.

If we do end up taking Bekasiak at #1, this is how I see the next three draft selections going down.

Edmonton and Calgary select #2 and #3, then we pick at #4. Arguably, the strongest players after Bekasiak and Crawford may be Receivers Nicholson, Challenger and Bauman, and Running Back Sadeghian. Does Hamilton have enough Canadian receivers to compete at the 2007 Training Camp already? I think so. Curently we have Maeko, Birungi, Bisaillon, Morreale, Ralph and Fleming on the roster. Does Hamilton have enough Canadian running backs to compete at the 2007 training camp already? I don't think so. Currently we have Lumsden, Radelein and Aidoo on the roster. Based on our depth at each above-mentioned position, if Crawford isn't available at #4, I believe that the Cats will take Sadeghian, if he, too, is left after Edmonton and Calgary picks. I think the Cats will take Sadeghian for many reasons: because he could easily sub as a power-back for Lumsden, because Taaffe loves to run the ball, and because Sadaghian is a very well rounded athlete would immediately be a force on special teams.

If Crawford and Sadaghian are scooped up by Edmonton and Calgary, and if LB Phillips is still available, then I think the Cats will take Philips at #4 instead. Based on some of the Evaluation Camp reports I've read, Phillips, who has great size, could be the next O'Shea.

I would agree JP Bekasiak would be my number 1 choice, but I think with his testing numbers, he will get a free agent NFL tryout.

I think we will end up choosing Tad Crawford with our number 1.

With our number 4, I would go with one of those 3rd year NCAA receivers like J. Arthur - WR (Akron) or K. Challenger - WR (Boston).

Football players....I hope

based on the info,cRawford #1 and a reciever #4 - later picks go after linemen!

My rule of thumb when having multiple picks in a high round (particularly the first one):

  1. First pick goes to the best athlete available ;

  2. Next pick to our most pressing need.

I really like Crawford from what I’ve seen and heard about him. Maybe some of that Rufus magic will rub off on him wearing Cat colours. Athletic Canadian safeties a la Richard Karikari and Hitch in his prime are vital pieces to any championship puzzle on D.

Oski Wee Wee,

ME TO!!! it would look a litle funny with a few golfers out there!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I think we'll go Crawford at number 1 and Bekasiak at number 4 (if still available). It would be a gamble to take someone who will get NFL interest at number 4 but you have to remember that with number 1 and number 4 picks we can afford to wait, if necessary.

I don't think Edmonton or Calgary can afford to gamble with their first round picks so he still should be available at number 4.

The CFL draft is after the NFL draft this year - good idea - so CFL teams can see if any potential draft picks will get any NFL interest; Bekasiak might be the only US college ball Senior on this CFL draft board who has some NFL interest - unlike some previous years where several CFL draft picks might get an NFL look. The Ticats can wait to see what happens in the NFL draft or with FA signings that happen usually right after; if Bekasiak is not drafted/signed there - might be a green light to take him 1st overall; if Bekasiak does get some NFL interest, the Ticats might be able to get him with a later pick (#12 or 13 maybe) if other CFL teams are scared off cause they think he's unlikely to show in the CFL. If receiver is a top priority - they might go for Jabari Arthur at 4th overall - he still has a year of US college ball left though; Chris Bauman might be a good pick at #4 too.

Having said that, we could go with MLB Catchers... proper padding, and they're not afraid of 95 mph strikes.

In an article today on the nfl.com website, Pat Kirwan mentions defensive tackle J.P. Bekasiak on a short list of five unheralded players that he would consider drafting in a late round or signing as a free agent and converting him into an offensive lineman.

"3. J.P. Bekasiak, Toledo (6-6, 296 pounds)
Key numbers: 5.09 40-yard dash, 32 reps on the bench
You have to take a look at a big strong guy who can run. Remember, we are willing to dedicate two years on the practice squad for the right player."

An interesting point about Canadian safeties......rendered more interesting by the fact that Karikari is out there available as a free agent. I wonder why all the silence about his situation.