Who was there?

Was anyone from the forum actually at the game? What was the atmosphere like etc etc etc. Must have been amazing for all you damn Esks fans :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason i ask is that i was meant and wanted to go to Vancouver for the whole party week and apparantly (will never know now) had tickets waiting for me and the wife from her old outrider friends. I coulnd't go in the end due to work commitments and it pains me to read how i missed the best Grey cup ever (couldn't be if Edmonton won :stuck_out_tongue:)

Anyway rub some more salt in my wounds.


The only thing I have to comment is that it was the greatest GC game I've seen in my lifetime, and I would be saying that no matter what two teams had given that particular performance to the CFL' s showcase game last night. It was that exciting and competitive. Of course, it didn't hurt that Esks and AL's are an incredible Grey Cup rivalry, going back over 50 years!

wasn't there, but I watched it in a bar with drunk Americans says that the CFL suxs and all, but I converted them after the game went into OT.

I'm sad that Montreal lost, it was like watching you friend get killed by lighting a fireworks display on Canada Day or the 4th of July, you wish that more could have been done to save them .... but it was so pretty.

MONTREAL NNNNNOOOOO!!!! WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT!!!! that's the beginning of the Chinese space program! :shock: :lol:

KK, glad to hear that a) you were able to watch the game, and b) you were able to convert Americans!

They wouldn't shut up about how great the NFL was, but that chaged after they saw the recevier (I'm bad with names) from Edmonton return that kickoff for a 96 yard TD! :mrgreen:

I was there. and it was great. The atmosphere was really good. even with the lame 1st half, and the horrible half time show. But the second half, both teams lit it up, and everybody enjoyed theirselves.

It really plains me to know this was the best Grey Cup game ever... you never want to be on the losing edge of the best show...

I did not really mind when the Alouettes lost the 2000 Grey Cup game to the Lions, because they sucked so much in the big game. They did not deserve it. But this year, I can still feel that horrible sting that ripped my heart in two on November 27th...

Neither the Esks nor Als deserved to lose that one. Games like that shoud not be lost.

you feel better next season when the Al's win the GC in the Peg, 3nd! :wink:
life goes on, and their are still many GC's to be played.