Who was the worst this weekend...

Lions, Riders, Cats? I honestly didn't really see the Riders game so I can't vote for them and the Lions and Cats were just horrible. Just a depressing weekend of games no real drama.

42-5? wow lol

Served up a turkey, gobble gobble

From what little I saw of the Toronto/Winnipeg game, not even that one looked exciting. Slow weekend for the CFL.

I would definately say the Riders were the worst. I think at least everyone else scored a touchdown.

I can't believe the Riders wer so soundly thrashed by the Stumps. My word. That was a Hamilton style thrashing. the new whipping boys of the west I guess.

I would have to say that its the last place lions that are the whipping boys.....not the riders

lions were probably second worse team. Hard to argue with the score differences imo.

Well I wouldn't expect a guy in the East to know what he's talking about when it comes to the West.

The Lions lost by one score and managed to put 20 points on the board. Saskatchewan - not.

The Lions won 4 out of their last 5 games...Saskatchewan has lost 4/5.

So, although you're biased against the Lions - you can't dispute the facts. And last place is pretty insignificant when 3 teams are tied in w/l/pts. Sure, technically you're right. But don't try and make it seem like we're inferior to the other teams...in a "what have you done for me lately" world, the Riders are failing miserably.

I dont have to live in the west to know that the lions are in last place!
Lose by one or by 50 still lost....still last!

Riders, Cats, Leos

with out question

Worst outing by a Riders team in the last few years that was horrible, one of thoes games where peoples heads should be rolling after the game but its not going to happen

As far as Game play goes I would say Sask did . as far as worst loss for team that would be BC only It cost them first place and could have put them in the drivers seat now they have to see what other teams have to do and they lost the season series to EDM.

I'd agree with that. We blew a great opportunity, no doubt about that.

Riders loss cost them the season series with Calgary, 1st place, and now is realistically looking probably not being able to host a home playoff game. Riders loss was really bad, total choke job on everyones part except for Dressler and Congi (hoofed a 51 yarder).

I wouldn't say they've lost the chance to host a playoff game. If they can beat Edmonton in Regina, they stand a good chance of hosting a game. But as an Eskimos fan, I hope they don't.

Last I checked the topic was who was worst this weekend, not who is technically in last. Hard to argue the numbers

Well check again.....and read all the posts.....
What you quoted is directly related to the topic.

So what do you base your opinion on in regards to the lions having a worse game than the riders?

Stat - - B.C. - - Sask

Points: 13 - - 3
Pass: 216 - - 366
Rush: 83 - - 67
Ave Comp %: 52.8 - - 59.1
WR +100: 0 - - 1
INTs: 1 - - 3
Fumbles: 2 - - 1
Punts: 8 - - 9

Looks like both teams had equally awful games.

I think it was toss up between the Riders and Lions. Yeah Lions got more points but Lions still looked bad. Riders definitely looked bad as well but I think the Stamps came to play as did the Eskimos.

Sask was the worst. Hamilton came out with some spunk, even executed a nice little onside kick recovery to start the second half. The Riders were just brutal. The offensive playcalling didn't help. Rolling Bishop out on every down is too predictable, especially when you keep trying to use play-action that doesn't fool anyone because you never run the ball. Also, Bishop has terrible judgment as a QB.