Who was the Rider fan that took over the CN Tower? NOW w/PIC

When you guys take over a city...you really take over a city! Had an awesome time meeting and partying with many LongRiders this weekend...not sure how the Saskatchewan economy survived all weekend with so many of you in the "CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE". Absolutely loved the sign (held by a Rider fan) that said "MY BROTHER COULDN'T COME BECAUSE MY DAD LOVES ME MORE!"

Anyway to my point...I'm sure it wasn't truly a Rider fan in the CN Tower control room, probably just a tribute from the CN Tower to RiderNATION

Not sure how many of you saw the Tower after the game as many of you stayed inside the Dome for quite some time...

The tower was lit in Green and White after the win...I got some pics on the way to the car and will post them later...

A T.C. fan...


okay...for some reason I can't get the actual pic to appear, so here's a link...



That was really cool. When I walked out of Skydome and saw that I was awestruck.

Truly a classy move on the part of the City of TO and the Argos.

I walked out of Skydome and saw that. It was awesome. My pictures didn't work out well of it though.

is it just me or is it purple and green in the pic, or am i color blind :s

I see the same thing. Still a cool gesture, though.