who was the other Grey Cup champ to fold?

I know wiki is never dead on... But usually someone would catch this and edit it... Who was the other one to fold? The Vancouver Canadians moves to Sacramento the year after winning the triple a world series.. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1995_Bal ... ons_season

The Ottawa Rough Riders won the 1976 Grey Cup and then folded.

…the Balmy Beach Beachers


Good one!

Sad too, though. :cry:

Great name Rough Riders. Still doesn’t sound right as well, Baltimore Ravens and not Colts.

[url=http://cnsmaryland.org/interactives/baltimore-stallions-oral-history/]http://cnsmaryland.org/interactives/bal ... l-history/[/url]

Good way to spend a good hour or two

Add the Sarnia Imperials to the list

May I assume the first one was the Baltimore Stallions?

Maybe this was meant as a joke, but to clarify, the Ottawa Rough Riders were not Grey Cup champions the year they folded.

No man, they didn’t fold, they relocated to Montreal and became the present incarnation of the Allouttes.

Got me

At least that way, we can try and pretend Lord Grey’s Mug never left Canada to a (shudder) American team.