Who was The Greatest Coach In Ticats History

I've Started a Poll over on BGR
Who was the Greatest Coach ever to Coach The Hamilton Tigercats.
I also though we could get a Debate Going on the Topic here on The Ticats Forums

The Choices are In no Particular order
(1)Al Bruno (1987–1990)
(2)Ron Lancaster (1998–2003)(interim) (2006)
(3)Ralph Sazio (1963–1967)
(4) Carl Voyles (1950–1955)
(5) Jim Trimble (1956–1962)
(6) Other

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I will Announce a Winner Month From Today
The Person will a Photo Posted on My Site as Greatest Coach In Ticats History

8) This question is not even debateable at all !!!!
   Without question the answer is Ralph Sazio, hands down, the best coach ever in TiCat history.

   1963-1967, 4 Grey Cup appearances, 3 Grey Cup Championships   !!!!!      <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

Dave Beckman hands down

Still Bruno can boast a 55-56-3 record with the Cats, four visits to the championship and a title ring.

Still Worth a Debate

My all-time Ticat head coach record list can be found at http://forums.ticats.ca/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=34323&p=562279&hilit=coaching+list#p562279. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

bruno should not be mentioned in the same breath as sazio...

if al was a great coach those teams he has would have won more cups that one...

  1. Ralph Sazio
  2. Jim Trimble
  3. Carl Voyles

Based on my list, I make my evaluation purely by record. Trimble's teams made the Cup 5 times, winning once as compared to Bruno's 4 appearances. Voyles went one-for-one in the Grey Cup and had a better overall record than Bruno, who I rank fourth.

Sazio's teams appeared in four Grey Cups, winning three. How can there be a debate unless it's about something other than record?

Oski Wee Wee,

I may as well stick my 2 cents in; 1965 Grey Cup won by Hamilton 22-16 over Winnipeg is perfect drama on who is Hamilton's legendary coach of all time. This game is worth watching from a flashback point of view. Who was on the otherside of things: BUD GRANT. :rockin:

Don Sutherin

Jerry Williams…he took a bunch of “no-names” and turned them into legends all in one year…1972(excepting Garney Henley and Angelo Mosca who were aleady legends)

I am glad where getting for Debate here ..

My List would be

  1. Ralph Sazio
    2)Al Bruno
  2. Ron Lancaster

My old man used to tell me the best coaches Hamilton ever had were Jim Trimble & Ralph Sazio.


Ralph Sazio.


  1. Ralph Sazio
  2. Jim Trimble (we'll waffle 'em!) I became a Tiger-Cat fan in high school in 1961 when he was the Head Coach.
  3. No standouts so it's a toss up. For sentimental reasons I am going with Ron Lancaster.

As many have already stated, has to be Sazio, followed closely by Trimble. Coaches from our "Glory Days" for sure. Often wondered what would have happened if Frank Kush had stayed for more than a year. Although not everyone approved of his methods, he was a coach that believed that winning was the only thing! Anyone else remember Joe Restic and his option offenses long before most coaches would even dare to use them, sort of a 60's version of the run and shoot. Can't remember what he called them though, seem to remember something to do with cards!

1 Ralph sazio 2 trimble 3Lancaster for getting us through the dark days

Several were so good that a choice cannot be made. BUT I do recall that when Sazio was coach, we would invariably kick off in home games. Ralph Sazio would shock me by having ALL TWELVE defensive players, on the opening defensive play, on the line of scrimmage. The result for the opposition was usually second down and ten, which set the tone for the rest of the game.
Bob Jackson

8) Restic called his different look offences "Select O Matic" and "Flare Control" back then.
 Yes, Joe was 20 years ahead of the times.  His different motion offences later became the popular Run and Shoot with many different coaches in the 80's and 90's.  Darell "Mouse" Davis used it in Toronto.