Who was the best clutch FG kicker of all time?

You can't use regular season % for this. It doesn't matter if you were 80% during the year but missed a GC or playoff game winning FG. That is not clutch. Prime example, Westwood was good during the regular season and actually kicked a game winning playoff FG goal to eliminate the Ticats in 2000. The next year , he went 1/4 in the GC vs Calgary and the upset happened. Lui Passaglia ,hit a big one in 94 but after missing a easy one minutes before. Ridgeway was solid, hit a chip shot to win in 89, he ddn't really have to many big playoff kicks to attempt. I'd probably go with Dave Cutler. Honourable mention to Trevor Kennard who was average at best during the regular season but was solid and made some big kicks winning 3 cups with the Bombers. I think Sandro Deangelis had the best single GC game ever in 2008, hit some bombs and a 50 yarder to salt it away. OH ....Don Sweet is not the answer.... yikes his GC miss makes Mcallums miss in the WF look like a 50 yarder.

Performance for all games must be considered in evaluation. Not just playoff games. A kicker could be released for being 100% in playoffs and 50% in regular season. A few (overhyped) playoff games cannot outweigh years of regular seasons.

But the key word is clutch. It may be a fleeting moment but in the biggest game of the year and maybe that kickers life, he rose to the occasion to make that FG. Nobody can take that away from him. EG, Mark McLaughlin had his ups and downs as a kicker. In 1998 he made kick to win the Grey Cup in his home province after a tough regular season.

Cutler & Passaglia in a dead heat

I guess Mcallums "shi tty" kick in the 04 (or whatever year it was) West final eliminates him from all consideration given this criteria. Forget the record for most consecutives and all else he has accomplished I guess. Anyway my vote goes to The Ridge. Tell me there has been a more clutch than the 89 final play.

McLaughlin had the same kick and made his too and actually the one that beats both of them is Jerry Kauric in 1987, 47 yards to beat the Argo's .

Lui and ozzy and robokicker

So, this is limited to those kickers who have had to kick at least one last minute field goal to win an important game, and have also never missed one of those? Just coming up with a list of kickers who meet the first part would be tough. Ridgeway, Cutler, Osbaldiston, Sunter, McLaughlin, off the top of my head. But we know at least one of those also missed a key field goal that cost his team the playoffs.

Larry Robinson - 1970 Western final - kicked winning fieldgoal in a Regina blizzard but I may be the only one on here old enough to remember.

I remember Larry Robinson and most of the other 70's Stamps. You're not the only old fart here :lol:

Call me biased, but I would have to go with the Great and Powerful Oz. Not only did he nail a 54-yarder on the final play of the '98 Eastern Final, but in his first two Grey Cup games ('86 and '89), he went 10-for-10.

Larry may not have been the best clutch FG kicker of all time but that kick in 1970 was arguably the single best clutch kick of all time. Saskatchewan I guess has a history of getting their hearts broke on field goals.

And in the 1998 grey cup, he went 3 for 4, with the single miss coming early in the third quarter on a 44 yarder. Would that miss eliminate him from this competition? (If it does, then that would eliminate McLoughlin too, even though he kicked the winning field goal on the last play of that game. No?)

Gotta agree with this one, much as I hate to put an Eskie at the top of any list. As well, I have met both these guys over the years and both are top notch dudes.

Cutler/Kennard....9...10 GC rings between them?

Damon Duval

:D :D :D ;) :rockin:

For my team? Brett Maher. :wink:

I think his claim to fame should be that he taught everyone that "if at first you don't succeed, try again." :lol: :lol:

Cutler or smoking Bernie.

You got that right! Never mind that it was the most amazing field goal of all time, Robinson's kick was the single biggest clutch PLAY I've ever seen. Period.

Grant Shaw. :rockin: