Who was really offside?

So I see there are a few comments about "Dressler 2 yards offside" but if you look at the actual tape....

[url=http://s30.photobucket.com/albums/c316/deanjo/?action=view&current=offside.jpg]http://s30.photobucket.com/albums/c316/ ... ffside.jpg[/url]

Notice the defensive line pulling up way before Dressler hits the LOS?

No I can't, can you make the circles bigger? :lol:
Seriously though, it's clear cut in a freeze frame, but it's alot harder to see that at full speed with your own eyes.
I'll give the refs the benefit of the doubt on this one although they're clearly wrong.

What happend on the play and what was the call?

The right call on the play was made. Montreal was offside, the commentators (and some Montreal fans) were saying that Dressler "got away with one" and "Dressler was offside by 2 yards" and the "refs blew it". Granted on TV it certainly looked that way but in reality he was onside it's just that he hit the line at full speed.

The thing is... it's the snap of the ball that starts the play.. not the first guy to move. We need to see where he was when the ball was snapped. Yes, the DT was offside and moved before the SB crossed the line. However if the SB crosses the line before the ball is put into play... he is also offside. SB's and WR's when in motion can not claim they were drawn offside by a D-lineman unlike on O-lineman who can claim he pulled up to protect himself from the offside D-lineman. If i'm not mistaken (and someone can correct me if i'm wrong)... offside can be called on both the offence and defence on the same play in situations like this one if the SB crossed the line before the ball was snapped.

There were many calls in that game that were questionable. There are always going to be calls that were questionable.

Dressler likely wasn't offside; however, for those poor fans who feel there was a terrible miscarriage of justice, realize that there should've been an offside call on an Als receiver TD catch earlier in the game. It was as clear as day, but there was no call on the Als.

Besides, God was on our side. God wrote that game for the Riders. And you can't call offside on God.

So, uhhh... Riders can't win without divine intervention?

I didn't say they can't win without divine intervention . . . I said they won with Divine intervention, Rider Nation is bigger than you think.

I know!
I'm in Winnipeg and there is a ton of Sask ex-pats here repping the green. It's all good though :slight_smile:

The still image you show doesn't indicate when the ball was snapped, it's not out of the question that both Dressler and the Montreal player were offside.