Who was really offside?

So I see there are a few comments about "Dressler 2 yards offside" but if you look at the actual tape....

[url=http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c316/deanjo/offside.jpg]http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c316/ ... ffside.jpg[/url]

Notice the defensive line pulling up way before Dressler hits the LOS?

There were many calls in that game that were questionable. There are always going to be calls that were questionable.

Dressler likely wasn't offside; however, for those poor fans who feel there was a terrible miscarriage of justice, realize that there should've been an offside call on an Als receiver TD catch earlier in the game. It was as clear as day, but there was no call on the Als.

Besides, God was on our side. God wrote that game for the Riders. And you can't call offside on God.

Still photos are great. For some things. And not so good for others.
In this case, they tell a false, or partial story. A defensive player can move within the one yard zone and is not offside until he either breaks the plane (of the ball) or contacts an opposition player, or the ball is snapped. If you run the video forward, the DL neither contacts the opposition or breaks the plane. Meanwhile, Mr. Dressler does break the plane prior to the snap of the ball----and by a full yard–so the call should have been, “Riders offside”. The referees also have the option to call both teams offside although I’ve never been fond of that option.

You are bang on correct Arius’ … it was a fair call. The option allows the officials a little discretion on how something may or may not have influenced the play.

With the way, receivers bolt towards the line nearly every play in full stride; practically every play looks offside to me by the offence in my eyes. Offences get away with a lot more than I think many people realize.