Who was Ottawa's QB in 82

Just geeking out on the CFL… :slight_smile: I noticed that the last playoff game won by an Ottawa team was in 82… I assumed that JC Watts was the QB, but then you click on to Watt’s profile and he took the entire 82 season off. Watts did come back the next season, but who in heck led Ottawa to their final playoff victory?

Well I guess I solved my own question... Before he won a grammy for his classic song... Chris Isack played in the CFL... Who knew?

[url=http://www.justsportsstats.com/footballstatsindex.php?player_id=isaacchr001]http://www.justsportsstats.com/football ... saacchr001[/url]

However, to answer your question, it was QB 2 - Kevin Starkey who was the starter in the RR 82 playoff win over Ham.

So Issack played the season, but then got hurt?..
Its amazing how short careers are in the CFL... Just look at some of the names that have come through in the last decade... Zabransky, Leak, Brennan, Crouch, Chang, Akilli and Troy Smith..

Well kick me in the nuts...
He was the rookie of the year... lol...
Only in the CFL can you be rookie of the year and be kicked to the curb less than a year later

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CFL%27s_Most_Outstanding_Rookie_Award]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CFL%27s_Mo ... okie_Award[/url]

Can not remember if Issack got hurt or they just went with Starkey because they though he had a better chance.
I just remember Starkey was the playoff QB.

Slightly OT...
There was a Rough Rider who made a cameo appearance on an early episode of You Can't Do That on Television. Can't remember which one.

It's a wicked game, he played.

And yet, on the flip side, when some guys reach a certain amount of success, it seems like they hang around forever. I'm thinking of a guy like McManus. I guess the trick is to do enough to earn the "experienced" label and you're golden.

And speaking of guys hanging around forever....................... :cowboy:

Well, yes. Damon Allen, Calvillo...There are quite a few of them. My point is that it seems that guys are at either extreme. I guess a decision is made early one as to whether or not someone can play, and if he can, he's got it made for years. I used McManus in my example because over his last few years, his numbers were really not very good, yet he was still in there.

Oh don't get me wrong I agree that Danny Mac towards the end of his time in Hamilton was only a shell of what he once was.
The funny thing is that after the atrocious forgettable 1-17 season in "03" he actually showed some signs of life the next year as the team went 9-8-1 in "04".I remember there was a lot of fans back then saying.....He's back !!! I wasn't one of them though and likened it to an old dog having one last romp before you take him to the vet for the "Big Sleep". It turned out I was right as the team decided to bring DM back for another go in the "05" season which was a disaster as the team reverted to their old ways and finished up at 5-13. I kind of liken Burris along the same path as Mac , looking at his last three seasons his td's have gone from 43 to 24 to 11 last season. He has missed the play-offs two of the last three years and maybe,just maybe for the REDBLACKS sake might be able to squeeze one more comeback year out of him much like Mac did in "04". But believe me watching Burris the last few seasons is akin to watching Mac in his last years as a starter in Hamilton,IMO you can clearly see his best before due date has clearly expired much like Danny Mac's did in Hamilton. The unfortunate thing about both situations was and is that unfortunately there wasn't anybody available and good enough to take his starters job away from him much like the situation with Burris this year in Ottawa.

Okay just for the record I was at that game in "82" and believe me it didn't matter a lick who was the Rider QB on that day. The reason that Ottawa won that game that day was because a running back by the name of Alvin "Skip" Walker ran like a runaway Mac truck all game over the Ti-Cat defence to the tune of 253 yds which was a CFL play-off record that he held for 15 seasons until a guy named Pringle topped him with a 264 yd game in the "97" play-offs.
The Riders actually went 5-11 back to back in "81" and "82" but both years managed to take out the Cats at Ivor Wynne Stadium in the play-offs("81" 102 yd TD by Pat Stogua). But believe me it wasn't because of who quarter-backed that game that Ottawa won,it was because of a running back nicknamed "Skip" and not because of some guy named Starkey or Isaac. The final score by the way in that game was Ottawa-30...Hamilton-20 and the Cats had a 17-3 lead at the half before Walker went nuts in the 2nd half and ran all over the Cats like a one man wrecking ball. :cry: Believe me I still have nightmares about those two play-off losses where I wake up in a cold sweat screaming and cursing out Patty Stogua's and Skip Walker's names in a cold sweat. :twisted:

Thanks for sharing.
Yes, Skipper was one of the greats.

What I remember about the 81 Cats, was that they had a great team . I thought that 81 Cats was the one team in the CFL
that could have ended the EE dynasty.
In fact Edm - Ham played the best game of the season that year that ended in a thrilling tie.
No way they should have lost to 5 - 11 Ottawa .
It was a bad loss for the Cats and the CFL, as there was a build up for what would have been a great Grey Cup between the 2 best teams in the CFL.
I always wondered if the Cats looked past Ott and did not respect them.
Yet as they say, in one game anything can and will happen.

Sorry if I added salt to the wound. Not intended.
Just all respect.

From the year before...love the mud! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvEUsPrz4Qs

Does anyone know the story behind Watts taking the 82 season off? Was it a family issue, or did he try the NFL? He eventually went on to be come a giant uncle Tom for the most evil [people who have ever walked the face of this earth... but that is a diferent story altogether. Back then, he was not infected by the Bush or Chainey |(war criminals) virus.

No apologies needed :slight_smile: I do agree that "81" Cat team might have been the one to end the Eskimos dynasty,and frankly I can recall all anyone was talking about at the time was how the Grey Cup was going to be a rematch of the "80" Cup with the Cats avenging their 48-10 defeat from the year before,NOBODY thought we would lose to the lowly Riders in the East finals. I also agree that the 34-34 tie in regular season was and I still maintain one of the BEST games I ever witnessed at Ivor Wynne (and believe me I've seen a lot of games at that old park over the years ). So in answer to your question about the Cats looking past the Riders and not respecting them,the answer is an emphatic YES on that. The Cats finished up the regular season at 11-4-1 and actually had more wins than the other three teams in the East combined that season and had soundly defeated the Riders by scores of 47-10 and 30-16 in the regular season. I can remember seeing newspaper articles and TV interviews on at the time with some of the Cats players bragging How the Riders had NO shot at beating them and how the Cats were going to Blow them out of the Ball park in the Eastern Final. Well we all know how that turned out,now don't we :roll: Oh well as luck would have it that "81" Grey Cup turned out to be almost the upset of the century when those Riders almost knocked off those Eskimos in a thrilling game decided by a last second field goal.So in closing as you say and I quote......In one game anything can and will happen.....INDEED !!!! :cowboy:

Watts did not play in '82 because he was holding out for more money in a contract dispute with the Rough Riders. Jordan Case and Chris Isaac were the starters that season for Ottawa. Starkey never started a game all season. In the semi-final game in Hamilton, Isaac was the starter until he hurt his ankle and was injured late in the first half. It didn't help that he was 0 for 5 with 2 interceptions. Starkey came off the bench to lead a different bunch of Rough Riders in the second half. While Skip Walker was the main reason for the second half mauling, Starkey did play well enough, (throwing a TD pass and running in for a score himself), that George Brancato gave him his first start of the year in Toronto the following week in the Eastern final.

Well we all now know who was Ottawa's QB in "82". I think it's time to reverse the question around and ask Who was Hamilton's QB in those two losses to Ottawa in "81" and "82" ? In keeping with the main theme of the thread being Ottawa QB's in an ironic twist of fate it was the last man to actually guide the Riders to their last Grey Cup victory in "76". None other than future HOF Tom Clements who after those back to back play-off losses only lasted for half of the next season in Hamilton before being traded to the Bombers straight up for Dieter Brock in one of the biggest trades in CFL History. The trade came back to haunt the Cats big time and bite them in the butt the following year when in "84" The Clement led Bombers destroyed the Brock led Cats 47-17 to win the Grey Cup. :cowboy: It's kinda funny looking back on certain things in history in sports and seeing the irony of how certain things worked out for some and not so much for others. Lots of What Ifs and Buts and If only's....But that's what makes the CFL and sports in general such an interesting past time for us fans. :slight_smile:

I guess the 80s Cats could have been seen as the team of the 80s if they were more clutch.. They got an upset in 86, but were upset in 89, 81,82 and also had cup losses in 84 and 85. If history repeate itself, the Cats will win it this year. Obviously, I want my Bombers to win it, but the Cats would be my second choice( despite a passionate hate for kent Austin)