Who was it?

I was watching the week #11 CFL round table at TSN's website and there was a question regarding locker room dissension in which Matt Dunigan made a comment regarding the person who was his defensive co-ordinator when he coached in Calgary but Matt didn't give the guy's name. I can't remember who it was and was hoping one of you guys could provide a name. Thanks in advance.

...due to mental self preservation i've blocked all memory of that year from my mind....

Denny Creehan i believe

Just reading Bobby Ackles book and the inside scoop on how B.C. got Buono . WOW ! Hopefully that was the last idiot American owner in the CFL . Kudos for the orginization righting the ship and getting solid owners and football people running things again.

Thanks. I can't remember hearing Matt say things like he did on that round table publicly before so I was a little surprised.

...I thought Creehan was brought on as DC by Higgins in his first year as HC, along with Burratto as OC?....

No, I'm pretty sure by the time Higgins got there Creehan was in Hamilton.