Who was invited?

I know last night was by invitation only, but how was the guest list made up? I'm a multi-year season ticket holder and I wasn't invited.

From my understanding, platinum season ticket holders and some of the Ticats' business/media partners got invites and other people got invites based on availability if they made their interest known to a ticket rep.

Anyone and everyone except long time seasons holders that renew without question.

Platinum seats were invited, section 'anywhere' were given invites as long as they called and complained about not being invited. Seasons holders that totaly ignored the supposed hard deadline and havn't even put down a deposit, let alone payment in full, were just mailed out invites without asking. The only fans that were absolutely refused are the ones that pay their seats on time and they were told "sorry, platinum seat holders only".

Today I saw three different people from Box J all with different seat locations and all were mailed out invites without making any requests, one hadn't even renewed and was still invited. The fan that drops 3 G's on time without question though is refused despite making a request.
Go figure.

Yep, it's a bloody shame canucklehead. No need to invite the "loyal" fan who commits on time as they don't need to convince you of anything. Just the elite of society (platinum ticket holders) or those who have decided to bail need apply. Methinks there are big worries in Tigertown over season ticket renewals this season.

I'm not defending anyone, but platinum season ticket holders were invited because it was part of their deal when they committed to the high-end ticket price.

If you want endzone seats just to see the game and save money, then that's what you'll get. This Platinum package is meant to make you feel more like part of the team. It gives you an invitation to extra events such as this one, deals at the Ticats store, so-called "prime" seating for the games, etc.

It makes sense to me.

And for the record, I moved out of the platinum section. I'm not saying I think this deal is worth the hefty price, but that's part of the reason they jacked up the price.

The invitations that were sent to those that haven't renewed also makes sense. The logic would be that if you can get them to come to the dinner, then tell them how great the organization is and how good the team is going to be, you might be able to salvage the renew.

Not trying to rain on this parade of complaining, but if any of you wanted to go why didn't you just call the front office or your ticket rep?

If you wanted to go and got turned away, then my apologies. That's not the way I read it at first and at second glance maybe that's what you meant.

In that case, that's pretty lame.

why should someone who has had season tickets for over 30 years have to call and more or else beg for an invite just because he or she cant afford the platinum seats

Beg? What exactly was said when you called?

It's not geared towards shunning the fan that can't afford it. It's meant to be an extra bonus for buying the platinum seats and spending the extra money.....people want something that others can't have. (And this is not a personal attack on you, it's a bonus for the expensive seat holders.) I have been a season ticket holder for 10 years and I had to move because of this price hike.....I'm not happy about it, but I don't think I'm entitled to special treatment.

The fact that you've been a season ticket holder for 30 years is incredible. I'm not shooting that down, but what that should guarantee you is first rights to your seats. Nothing else.

By your logic, the Leaf fan that sits in the upper deck should have access to the platinum lounge at the ACC. Obviously this is not going to happen and it's not a knock on the person sitting in the upper deck...it's a reward for the people shelling out the big bucks for the best seats in the house.

I was there you didn't miss much.

Platinum ticket holders were invited because it was part of the package for paying platinum prices.

Now will everyone who wasn't invited just get over it. Next year if you want to go so badly upgrade your seats.

That's a rhetorical, right? For the same reason that, in almost all things, almost all of the time, more money opens more doors.

I've served 36 years of my life sentence but, sitting up high, I don't expect a place at the insider's table - it's just not worth the extra $ to me.

Arent the Cats at like 5 Boston Pizza's in a few different cities? I think the they make the players more than available. Get over it. I also love how people sitting in Platinum seats could never be long time, loyal fans....get over yourself.