who was crying to play EAKIN ???????

This team's problem is managment (front office and in the field) Mr. young has made a great job turning this franchise( and stadium) into a decent pro team, but at the same time he is using this team as his own personal "toy" and fogeting that in football you need capable people to do the coaching, but instead he is hiring and replacing people that he likes or admires and forgetting to win. just think about this, if you were to own a competive bussines would you hire someone to that has recently run your competitor almost to the ground(papao)or hire someone off the street with no experience of how to run the kind of bussines you are trying to develope (Mr.Katz) or even worse keep a executive that can't seem to keep up with the changes that are happening in your field and almost run your business to the ground when he was in charge( Mr. Lancaster). You can blame Eakin all you want but in reality what we need is not a Qb, Rb, defence or whatever other sorry excuse, what we really need in this team is football smart people that have a small idea of how to make winning football team....................


Well said, AMG. I still think the kid has lots of potential, but I think he'd be the first one to admit he blew a big opportunity.

Perhaps you have read, too many Hardy boy books(or had someone read them, too you). I am not related to Kevin.
I know as the BACK-UP QB.... its his job too be back-up. But, we can not blame him for the mess they tried to call football last Friday night. You can't totally push him to the side then expect him to carry this team. His performance was pretty bad on Friday night, I am not saying it wasnt. But for the guys that have been out there all season, it was the worst. I am tired of hearing week after week, that they just need time to "gel".
As for Mass being one of the leagues premiere QB's maybe I am just waitng for him to show us. So, far he hasnt done much either.

I deleted a post or two, due to personal attacks. Please stay on topic anyone is welcome to state their opinion.


you see? this is what happens when you don't use your backups except when you have a gun to your head. it's stupid to put eakin in and not expect trouble. he should have been in MANY other games last year and this year. all those blowouts and stuff last year? whis should not have been his first action all season. this does not change the factr that he's a goooooooooooood quarterback.

I like both Jason Maas and Kevin Eakin, however, with this current oline and scheme God would not succeed.

oskee wee wee

The players have to play for the team not for their own sake --this might take all season to "gel" as a team but they only can get better right ?(':?')

all part of bob's 5 yr plan.

Yea he actually did look like your backup QB. Hamiltons QBs Suck and it showed. He showed some quality Ti-Cat Level talent.

Totally push him to the side? He is our back-up QB. The last time I checked, the role of the back-up QB is to practice and be ready when the team needs you to play.

Carry this team? I don't expect him to carry the team nor do I expect any other player to....but 64 yards and 3 interceptions? (not too mention at least 2 other balls that should have been picked for a TD)

I'm not talking about winning the game himself or carrying the team.....I'm talking about giving the team a chance to win by doing his job which is to play when called upon. Nobody said it was an easy job and with his performance on Friday we had no chance of winning or even competing in that game regardless of what else was going on with our team.

Thanks Tuck.....I'm not sure what the post said that was deleted but it doesn't matter now anyways.

No, in that game he didn't look like a back-up QB in the XFL to be honest with you.

He is much better then the way he played and maybe you'll get a taste of it this week unless Maas is ready to go.

BTW, If Hamilton has been the worst team over the last few years then Winnipeg has been a close second. So how are you in a position to chirp our talent level?

Early season success isn't the ticket to a Grey Cup. The season is long and nothing is settled yet.


NP. Wasn't too serious, but it was worthy of being deleted.

Kudos to the mod for letting us know that there had been deletions and for explaining why!

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