who was crying to play EAKIN ???????

i admit to being drunk but EAKIN didn’t seem like the saviour some made him out to be???

Now i owe Carl a 12 pack!!!

A few were crying to get Eakin in the game. The most ardent of the bunch has exiled himself for a week... :lol:

That'll last till Wednesday, i took under in the pool.

Who took 1 day?.... :lol:

"ohhhhhh sure.....just a day into my self-imposed exile from the forums till the next game-day thread Bob comes up with this chance to have some fun eh?"

....Wow, blame Eakin for the other 11 guys that didn't do anything on Offence....you can't do anything when the O-line is weaker than a bunch of pillows.

Same OLine that Maas put up 375 yards with.

Yes the same O-Line...the same game plan, in spite of a different (and very rusty!) QB who hasn't had reps in months...

Same, tired, "30 Defence" that is no surprise to anyone anymore, in spite of playing a relatively "rookie" QB in Kevin Glenn.

Nobody here has heard of "scouting", I guess.

Well, okay, we got our clocks cleaned, deservedly.

As Wpg "forgot" to "let up" and allow us a point or three for "face", lets go into the "Peg with some "attitude"...

We are by NO MEANS as good a club as the Bombers at this time, and don't go betting the mortgage that we are going to win against them, but I think we have some guys that are going to have them "taste a little pain" in their home park, simply for "payback" for the embarrassment we were handed last night.

Hopefully, Mike Morreale will be starting next week, I feel he earned it with his example and performance last night.

If we HAVE to play Eakin again, let HIM pick who his receivers are, and let him call his own plays.

Lets make Hitchcock or Brooks the Defensive Captain, and call the plays on the field

(ie "lets take the coaches out of the game, and see where the players can take us!")

We have some good to great players, lets let them show us what they've got, and, if need be, get rid of the "plug" coaching...

I was impressed (as I'm sure a lot of others were) with Eakin's first start against Ottawa last year.

I was also impressed with Tom Porras' first start against Edmonton in 1987 after Kerrigan and Hobart were injured in the first two games of the season, winning 40-30 at Commonwealth for the Cats' first win in Edmonton since the Eskimos played at Clarke Stadium.

Porras played one more good half the next week against toronto and was basically useless after that.

How is Kevin's Elvis impersonation?

Because if he puts up another performance like that he might need something else to fall back on.

I want to chalk it up to it just being a really bad night for everyone. Eakin's young and I think he has more potential than any backup QB we've had since Calvillo. But it's obvious he's not ready.

Suggestion... if Maas still isn't healthy next week, get Holmes more involved in the passing game. (Actually, even is Maas does play next week we should do this.) Get Eakin some easy short completions to get his confidence up and get the ball in your most dangerous guy's hands, without banging your head against the wall by trying to get a running game going against the Bombers D-line.

Just send in the "D" to "kill off" Kevin Glenn early, and at least we will have taken most of their potential off the table. This is not "doable" with the crappy defensive schemes offered up on Friday.

the defense is all we have...can't blame them for last night, it could of been 58-0.

I'm one of the few who said put Eakin in the Game, and I'll say it again. It's just too bad that he hasn't had any reps in this year.
I think Maas would have had his high completion percentage (which he likes to show the fans)but no win either. The Peg defence would have run him out, that team is peaking this week. Remember that last weeks game we lost by a couple but still two majors came from our defence, Maas can't seem to go "yard" when he can!

I'm sorry but it was apparent to me and everyone else at IWS on Friday night that we sorely missed Maas.

You say "It's just too bad that he (Eakin) hasn't had any reps in this year"....by this I'm assuming you mean "regular season game" reps because obviously he played in the pre-season and he has been running the second team offence in practice the entire season so far.

Simply put, Eakin looked like a guy that we brought in off the street 2 hours before the game on Friday night....not our back-up QB! OBVIOUSLY you can expect him to be a bit rusty or not 100% sharp, but our offence as a whole barely surpassed the century mark in total yards (which is a complete disaster in the CFL) and he threw for 64 yards and 3 interceptions. I've seen guys come into the league with less "reps" and less "experience" and at least show some signs. An example: Eakin last year.

So I don't know what happened on Friday but I think it's obvious who our QB is and who our season rests on. Maas is our guy and when he's healthy he should be in the game....no questions asked, no more crap from the fans, that's it.

I was one of the people that said to put Eakin in, and I would say it again. You cant blame him. He hasnt been given a chance. The team has been all about Mass, and Eakin has been pushed to the side. Then Mass gets hurt and they expect Eakin to be on top of his game. We have other players that seem to be out there wasting everyones time....we can blame them for yet another lose

Perhaps I've read too many Hardy Boy novels as a youngster, but I have to ask, Deb....How do you know Kevin? My guess is you're related to him. Am I correct to think this?

While you're correct to say that Eakin has been pushed to the side, but that's his role. Maas is one of the league's premiere QBs and will start for this team for quite some time. Now, at the risk of sounding overly brazen... Kevin's recent performance was certainly not acceptable.

Maas came in in the playoffs last season without reps and got the job done big time !!!!!

Indeed. Being the backup QB is one of the toughest assignments in sports, but when called on, one has to get it done. Being careful with the football is the most important thing a backup can do -- Kevin did not do that well on Friday and it cost the team momentum, field position, and points.

Oski Wee Wee,

After passing for over 5000 yards the previous season.

Joe shouldn't have called all those 30 yard pass plays
especially after seeing how off target Kevin's passes were.

It is difficult at any time for a QB to pass from the pocket
with their opponent's D-line rumbling towards him.

let alone when it's you first serious game action in a year.

Kevin had to heave several passes very quickly.

That wasn't Kevin's fault.

When Eakin is back in the NFL or with another CFL team next year. We'll all see what he can do withproper coaching and a proper gameplan.

The running of Eakin out of town reminds me back to the Cavillo days. And we all knows what happened with that story.

Who is running Eakin out of town?? (And this is nothing like Calvillo because he played like 3 years for us....not one game.)

I don't want us to get rid of Eakin at all. He has a lot of potential and could very well be the QB of our future.

All I'm saying is this: You can't play like that when you get a shot. He wasn't just bad, he was horrific! I don't care how bad the coaching is, the play calling is, the O-line is......(Whatever other excuses you want to make).......that was one of the worst single game outings I have ever seen by a player at the QB position.

Think about this: Marcus Brady wasn't that bad last year when he came in and apparently he didn't have good coaching, a good O-line, or any other advantage over Eakin. He still was brutal but not this brutal.

The bottom line is that Kevin played terrible. I think he'll be the first to admit that and IMO this performance has solidified Maas as our starting QB for now.