Who was calling the plays last night?

Was I dreaming or did I see a reverse last night?
The play calling overall last night seemed pretty good to me.
How can we go from high school play calling to the big leagues in two games?
Maybe someone finally took Gibson aside and showed him pages 2- 10 of the play book.

It was still pretty bland. Ask Russ for a thorough account of what's wrong with our Offensive schemes.

ockham: I agree. We are not in Montreal's play calling category yet but last night was a welcome improvement.

It was nice to see a few new things in the playbook. They even through a screen pass to Cobb.

I really thing the difference between this week and last week was the time they had to prepare. They played Montreal 5 days after Labour Day, and I believe in the CFL they take two days off after a game. How much can you prepare for an opposition in two days, particularly when they have a limited length of time they can work in a day.

Last week they kept it basic, and the opposition was all over them.


Just excuses... doesn't cut it for me. You have a range of plays in your play book, you don't cut it down to five plays because of a short week.

I am asking Obie to do us all a favour and bring Danny Mac into the offensive play calling for the second half of the season. I'm not saying he replaces Gibson, but comes in as an assistant. I believe that a Danny Mac-influenced offence combined with Glen's veteran leadership could do some real damage in the second half of the season....



Danny Mac: OK, Kevin, if you get into trouble, throw it to Darren. :wink:

Actually, not a bad idea.

Gibson has moved up to college level but still needs some refinement...but a big improvement..."Marshall" was a problem for 3 quarters...What took him so long to figure out that any pressure at all makes Printers panic...the Ti-Cats know this first hand....5,6 man rushes should have been in place from minute one...and some day defensive coaches will catch on...we all know thats how to handle Montreal but no one does it...yes...we will get burnt now and then but having their quarterback in constant fear and panic throws off even the best offence...if it wasn't for the wrong ref call and turnovers we would have lost the game...I'm trying to believe but a good beating on Sask ( score 42..give up no more than 24 ) will show all us nervous fans that you are becoming the real deal !!

If it wasn't for...... The fact is that is the nature of the game. It is a game of mistakes, if everyone played a perfect game, on offense and defense, including the refs, it would be pretty boring. Your statement suggests that the TiCAts would have shrivelled up and died if they didn't get that call (as bad as it was). We have no idea if Glenn would have completed a long one to Bruce on the next play and the call wouldn't have mattered.

You can't watch football and say, if it wasn't for the 5 turnovers, then it would have been a different game. They happened and the game turned out that way because of them, and the missed calls, and the missed blocks, and the missed tackles and the wrong patterns and the misreads and the dropped balls and the great catches and the......

If it weren't for all that, what would be the point of playing the game at all? Just look at who has the better team on paper, and give the game to them. Could even call the Grey Cup game on Canada Day - "And the winner is...."