Who was annoyed by.....

.....the fake injuries? Twice that I saw, the Als players on the sidelines told the players on the field to take a fake fall on 2nd down so as to give their defense a breather. Takes away from the integrity of the game.

Ya the fake injuries were bad...Maybe that will be addressed in the coming days from either the team or the CFL itself.

The spirit of Mathews still lives on strong with the team.

everybody does that!!!

Maybe they do, but it was totally brutal seeing one of Montreal's players instructing the other guy to take a dive. I was speechless.

I find it hard to believe that you were rendered speechless ! That must have been a first. (Joke)

Toddking is only partially correct. Not only does everybody do it, but they have been doing it for years. It's as old as the game itself. Cheating? ....or taking advantage of the rules?

As has been said, every team does this. The fact cameras could pick the signalling to go down at the bench and no offical could is telling. There are provisions in the rules to deal with this: it has to be enforced through established practices the league comes up with to have officials on the alert for signalling from the benches like that.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'd love to see a new category at the Academy Awards each year for "Outstanding Performance by an athlete trying to pull one over on the Refferees"


Seriously, I love watching players take a dive, fake a catch etc. It's a hoot watching how creative they get. Even in baseball, the catcher tries to make a pitch look like it went over the plate and tries to sell it to the plate umpire by moving his glove in towards the plate the split secong he catches the ball....it's always been a part of sports and will never stop.

Some of the best "dives" happen in hockey.......it's hilarious!
Is it cheating?...that's debateable in any sport where the referees discretion is at play. Just trying to make him see it the correct way is all....lol

(We all call it a "dive" when it's the other team doing it of course.....hahaha)

The best acting I've ever seen in professional sport was this year's rendition of World Cup Soccer.

I'm of Italian background, but I sure wasn't proud of Italy's win this year. Those guys took more dives than an F14!

Or if "our" team does it very, very poorly.

Reminds me of soccer, especially every single Italian soccer player. Those meatballs dive left right and centre. Try pointing this out to an Italian; they defend their right to do it as part of the game, like your stealing there car or pention. Ridiculous.

BarrencheaFan1: Are you paying attention. It was I, the Italian, who brought up the subject of the Italian Team taking dives during the World Cup Soccer this year.

I am definitely not defending Italian Soccer players for doing this, but, as a person of Italian decent, I was embarassed by it. I noticed that ALL the World Cup teams were doing the same thing, although the Italians were better at it. (Still not defending them)

I would point out at this point that the "meatballs" you refer to shouldn't be type cast as you are doing here. We've been called worse, anyway.

I would further point out that Italians know how to spell the word "PENSION", and they can do it in Italian or English.

Kindly leave your racist remarks in the dark, hollow void you refer to as your brain!

Like someone said everyteam does it.
I remember seeing Pierce signal Paris jackson to take a dive

[url=http://s30.photobucket.com/albums/c335/ro1313/?action=view&current=V11TS_01_1.flv]http://s30.photobucket.com/albums/c335/ ... S_01_1.flv[/url]

Hey Rocky i dont care if your Italian, they are prdominantly the ones who do it. And every single one i know defends it like some kind of war. Cry about it a bit.

Portugal is great at it. Brazil is great at it. Got any derogatory comments about them too?

Look, if you're gonna be a redneck at least get out your racist to english dictionary and figure out which terms match up with which races. Would you please?

Last time i checked meatball was a sweedish thing...

if you'd like to PM me i can send you a list of all the great names y'all have came up with for my people over the ages. Theres a bunch of them... i beleive the favourite on this site involves telling us to "get in our irocs and go back to woodbridge"

glad to see the ticats.ca tradition is keeping up.

thanks for catchin that before i did rocky, i know i probably wouldn't have been so tactful had i been first on the scene.

I am most certainly not encouraging "racist" remarks Espo but boy do you show your ignorance as well. Ever heard of Spagetti and Meatballs? Thats Swedish? Sheesh!!!!!


Not me.

I could care less. It didn't sfffect my enjoyment of the game at all.

That stuff is old hat.

Its lousy and after years, the cameras are finally catching them in the act. The league should impose fines if obvious fake injuries are happening to use as extra timeouts. The CFL has only 1 timeout to encourage some degree of clock management in a league where the clock stops after every play after the 3 minute warning. Moreover, teams just have to get better at putting the right 12 guys into a given play. Having the fake injury as a scapegoat just can’t happen anymore.

It really is on the scale of diving in soccer or hockey. It undermines the integrity of each respective sport because the rules simply allow it to happen. I know you can’t take chances assesing which injuries are legitimate but in review, using film, obvious infractions can be punished.

I won't cry about it because I know it's true. Are you paying attention?

BarrencheaFan1: Try to absorb what's being written in these posts and stop putting both feet in your very big mouth!