Who wants to see an upset?

The outcomes of all of this upcoming week’s games have already been decided according to the experts. But that’s not going to stop me from watching each and every one of these one-sided matchups.

Upsets are inevitable.

Which Underdog would you LIKE to see come out on top… really crush their high and mighty opponent?

Calgary at Ottawa?
Winnipeg at Saskatchewan?
Edmonton at BC?
Hamilton at Toronto?

As a follow-up question… which of the above Underdogs do you think has the BEST chance of squeaking out a victory this week?

Personally, I’d like to see Ottawa finally win a home game for their long suffering fans.
But realistically I think that Hamilton with their ticked off Bo has the best chance of pulling off an upset.

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I have home team.bias of course…but so long as each game has a points srpead of less than 10 Im happy

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Although I have hometown bias, I think unless the Elks D comes up with a handful of turnovers I would go with Hamilton.
You can insure they were focused in practice this week…

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Ottawa def has best chance at upset

Ottawa beats spread every since time (17 of 18 games last year) and I really thought could pull off upset vs Montreal in week 1
Calgary did not do much vs BC last week at all
Ottawa has home field “advantage”


I’ll be rooting big time for those Underdog Elks during next week’s home game against the Argos. A victory there would surprise the heck out of everyone… especially those poor doom and gloom ticket holders who will be bravely plunking their hard earned money down to witness they don’t expect to see… AN UPSET!!! :partying_face: :boom: :dizzy: :anger:

At the risk of losing my good grace with BOMBER fans
I hope the upset victor is my team.
However I did not pick for an upset in the
weekly pool


Ottawa and :redblacks:
I picked them last week and I’m sticking with them. Just wish Masoli was back to give me more confidence for this week’s “upset”.


You picked with your head instead of your heart rider01.1 which is why we’re putting you in charge of the CFL’s ‘Hard Choices Division’. If that works out we’ll also get you to run the CFL’s ‘Even Harder Choices Division’. Congrats! :grinning: :+1:

I have hard time deciding deciding to drink water or milk or Scotch… Just how hard are these so called hard choices and even harder choices.

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Brace yourself rider01.1… the hard choices are hard. They are definitely hard. But the harder choices are that much harder. By the word ‘that’ I mean ‘much’. So in reality the harder choice are much much harder. I know that double ‘much’ is pretty darned hard when it comes to choices but we believe that you’re up to the task.

By the way, if you choose to accept the job we’ll be throwing in a key to the executive washroom that’s located across the street in a Shell Gas Station. Everyone who stops in to fill up their tank can use it but c’mon, who wouldn’t be thrilled to get their very own key instead of having to ask for one at the front counter?

Those are nice perks, but I decided to go back to bed. Deciding to take the job or not gave me a headache.
I will take the job as long as I get an assistant who will make all decisions and always tell people who phone or come to see me that I am not working out of the office and cannot be reached. Especially when the police come to see me

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That’s why you’ve been given the position. You have the executive modus operandi down pat. Along with plausible deniability you’re in the clear. No worries, no headaches!

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They gotta find me to arrest me.


I’ll be cheering for Ottawa to get the upset. Their fans haven’t seen a home win in far too long.

I’d say both Ottawa and Hamilton have good shots at getting that upset. Actually, I’d barely consider them upsets.


It does seem the east may be quite competitive this year. Looking forward to the Ottawa/Calgary and 'Cats/Argos games this week.

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I wonder if I should increase rider01.1’s executive compensation package. Personally I think that this job and it’s associated perks we’ve offered him is attractive enough as it is but would it be too much to give him his own parking spot on the street beside the Shell Station? As long as he doesn’t park there after 3:30 PM he won’t get towed away but he might have to pay a fine to the city every now and then if he parks more than three hours in the same spot.

What do you think? Are we being TOO generous here?

I would even take the spot in front of the fire hydrant. What could go wrong with that?

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That’s the kind of fighting spirit we like to hear at the CFL’s Hard Choices Division. You’ve got gumption and maybe a little brain rot but that’s nothing we can’t live with.

The coveted Fire Hydrant parking spot is all yours. Congratulations sir. You’ve earned it. :grinning: :+1:

Do you have a car for me, asking for a friend.

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I’ve got a car for you that’s real humdinger. It doesn’t run but who among us doesn’t like to push? Umm… there’s a dead rat on the dashboard. It was probably sunning itself when it got too well done and kinda baked. Shall I leave it there or would you like me to pick it up with a pair of barbecue tongs and drop it in the executive toilet at the Shell Station?