Who wants to buy a Hall of Fame?

If the Cats do indeed end up leaving the city, I am quite certain that the CFL will pull the HoF from the city.

I hope this council realizes they will be losing one of their downtown "drawing cards."

Great work Council. Maybe we can package it up with the Haida, and sell them and the Cats to Halifax.

We need municipal reform in terms of city council.

Our councilors should be councilors at large, where they answer to the whole community, not just their own wards, that way little deals can't be made, such as 'you vote to remove Confederation Park from the list, and I'll support you later...'

What a friggin' mess...

:twisted: :thdn:

LOL @ drawing cards. I don't think it draws anyone to the city quite honestly. Not sure I have heard people ever say lets go to the hammer for the day to check out the CFL hall of fame.


Much like Copp's....that other city building initiative..... :thdn:

The Roomer I am Hearing is It going to Montreal if Hamilton Loses the Team

I have a really great idea for David Adames, head of Tourism Hamilton (and author of the report stating that the East Mountain site would cost up to $80 :rockin: million more than the West Harbour).

Why don't we advertise our newly renovated City Hall as the new Hamilton Monkey Preverve, and add it to the list of attractions close to the new White Elephant Stadium on the West Harbour...

It's the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, not the Canadian Football League Hall of Fame. While there is certainly a connection, it's an island on its own.

It's true it is the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, however I have faith in Fred and company.

They will probably want to move the Hall to Westcliffe Mall or Eastgate Square, thereby setting up yet another showdown which will end when the Hall announces that it's leaving to go to Toronto. :thdn:

Vic Copps must be rolling in his grave.

As I recall (although I can't find any links anywhere to corroborate) it was Vic Copps who mortgaged his home to provide financing to build the HOF due to a recalcitrant City Council who didn't want to allocate the necessary money to fund the building. Boy oh Boy who says "history doesn't repeat itself"? Once again we have a city council in place who, through the lack of any real intelligence, is letting a 141 year legacy leave town. This may be the straw that broke this camel's back. Burlington or Grimsby here I come.

Did indeed took a day to go to Hamilton to see the Hall of Fame. Thought it was terrific and my son loved it.

8) Burlington "Mike", all the way !!
 Thanks Hamilton, we in Burlington will take it !!

 A way from loserville !!

As a proud Hamiltonian, and supporter of the Cat's, it pains me to say that until these guys are voted out of office, this city will continue to falter, regardless of the very hard work of many well intentioned :frowning: people in this city.