Who Wants the Photos or Links?

Pick your poison

Teasers (the smaller images of all of them) with a link to the rest of them. Like Caiteag does. It’s just so the forums don’t get messed up, it just slows the site down. It has to load a lot of pictures and for people not running on Cable that takes awhile.

Also I can’t vote as I’d vote for a little of both.

like miller said if there to big it messes up the form so its easier just to put in a link

i dont get this… i VOTE this as the
stupidest poll ever…

In the Training Camp pictures thread I asked Hitchcock to put his pictures into links so it wouldn’t completely mess with the board format. Which is why theres a poll now. When large pictures are place on the forum, it lags up, and the format pushes over. When links are placed this doesn’t happen. It’s not a stupid poll, actually it’s a poll that makes a lot of sense, maybe you shouldn’t troll, and should check out other threads.

Ohh Ok, now i get it :rockin: