Who wants the Leafs to win?

I'm curious to see how many Tiger-Cat fans are also Toronto Maple Leafs fans.

I’m a Habs fan from growing up, my Dad taught me to be this but will admit, it’s great having the Leafs in it, makes it more interesting knowing that the team worth the most money in the NHL and Canadian to boot finally is in the hunt after so many years out it.

Isn't there enough hockey talk on the sports websites??
Can't we keep the CFL and the Ticats.ca a non hockey zone?

Nope I will never cheer for the Leafs :thdn:

leaves SUCK ! just like everything else associated to Toronto.

They would have been better off missing the playoffs after that embarrassment tonight !!


Leafs lose 4-1 :smiley:

Yeah, I'm done with the NHL, and if I wasn't, I wouldn't cheer for the corporate owned, impossible to get tickets, hurting Hamilton ever getting their NHL team back Leafs.

Go Leafs!!

leafs win is better for the rangers, so go leafs.

too bad the islanders dont have a chance.

I'm not sure - this is the only sports site I really visit. The other ones are too focused on hockey.

it's spelled Leaves not leafs :wink: :lol:


Strange as it may seem, I follow and support the Leafs but could care less about the Argos. This is most likely because we have no competition with the hockey team but a great rivalry with the boat people. As much as I enjoy the Leafs, I don't think they have a snowball's chance and will be gone in 5.

I'm counting on 4 straight in order for me to win a friendly wager of $5.00. Things are looking good this morning.

:thup: :rockin:

The Leafs suck
The Jays suck
The Raptors suck
TFC sucks

And most of all

THE ARGOS SUCK!!!! :lol:

How about those NBA playoffs... I mention that because it has as much to do with the Ticats and CFL as the NHL does.


You give the reason that you didn't post this on a hockey site because they're "too focused on hockey"? This makes no sense in any regard. Do you not understand the massive fundamental differences between the two sports?

Maybe we should all just post about anything our hearts desire and take away the football talk altogether. We could have gardening threads, coin collector threads or any random thought that pops into your head.

Now back to reality... this is the forum of the Hamilton Ticat football team. I feel the need to point out the obvious because you show a real misunderstanding about what the purpose of this form is.

8) I agree with you 100% "Grover".
   I can't stand the Leafs (with all their media hype), but I actually dislike the Canucks even more, for obvious reasons.

   2013 Presidents Trophy winner,  The Chicago Blackhawks !!

   Go Hawks Go !!   <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

With you on this Tipper! Hawks all the way. Might add the Canadies into the hate list.

I absolutely loathe the leafs, one of the reasons being as they're from Toronto and greatly hindering our chances to get an NHL team in our HOME TOWN.Also, just like the Argo's most of the people at the games aren't even fans but rather business people just playing away on their cell phones or reading magazines.Then you factor in the fans in our area who never shut up about how the leafs are the best team even though they have the longest cup drought and every single year when they hop up to their usual 4-1 start, they NEVER stop getting in your face about how they're going to the playoffs and the cup is theirs this year just to be disappointed.Not to mention you can't discuss anything hockey without the leafs coming into it one way or another, they're like the Riders in that respect.

If we are going to discuss other sports what about Montreal vs Toronto in the MLS!! Wow can you belive that the Impact won 6 - 0. What's going on with TFC? does anyone have any answers?
This was part of the Canadian Championship - The AMWAY Cup

The Impact will face the winner of the Vancouver-Edmonton series in a two-game final on May 15 and 29.

[url=http://www.mlssoccer.com/news/article/2013/05/01/montreal-impact-6-toronto-fc-0-canadian-championship-match-recap]http://www.mlssoccer.com/news/article/2 ... atch-recap[/url]

Hey man, don't hold back! Tells us how you really feel.