Who wants Prechae?

The Riders released Prechae Rodriquez today. Who will pick him up? Argos maybe? Used properly I think he will be a valuable addition to many offenses.

That sucks... Now we are on the hook for the rest of his salary.

But at least he won't kill any more drives... Maybe Riders Fans can lobby for him for the Eskimos to hire him :lol:

....maybe Prechae will find work elsewhere....maybe not.....BUT if you were planning on going in another direction, why keep him till the full-salary date has passed ,,,,Great management....who is the guy calling the shots again....oh yes Taman.....we've seen that picture before...Wait he's just started :wink:

At least you think we could have traded him. - I too am having doubts about this Taman character.

you talk like it's the first time a GM has dropped a player like this?

this kinda stuff happens all the time!

To answer the question posed by the title of the thread, I suspect the answer will turn out to be "no one in the CFL."

He showed flashes in his first season in 2008.

Last season, not much, this season, not much again.

Someone I suppose might bring him in for a look-see, but I doubt it. Toronto certainly appears to have the weakest receiving corps in the league at present, but they are due to get Copeland and McNeal back from the IR soon, so i doubt they'll call him.

Rodriguez reminds me too much of Thyron Anderson -- a tall, rangy receiver with great physical tools who had one good year and then spent the rest of his time floating, showing little desire to fight through tight coverage, pick up yards after catch, or do anything except catch easy passes thrown right into the numbers.

I didnt know why they hired Taman here to begin with, and now I'm really wondering why they did.

Rider fans are a “special” bunch, when the trade happened Taman had fleeced the Tiger-Cats but now Taman is useless cause the team is having a tough couple weeks. “Special”…

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So true, I remember them laughing at us for quite some time and questioning Obie's skill as a GM.And yet we told them he was a trick pony who probably wouldn't have another year like he did in '08.They insisted he was the next Geroy Simon or Milt Stegall.Adam Nicolson may not be much, but technically now we got him for nothing :lol:

I, on the other hand, have no doubts at all about Taman. I have hated this hire from day 1. If the Riders don't correct this mistake soon, it will be the 80s all over again.

As for Prechae, the guy was a princess. He never fought to make a play, and was often in the wrong spot on the field. Not only did he screw up his own routes, but he often interfered with his other receivers.

I wouldn't have tossed him a ball if it was only to throw the thing into a cupboard after the game.

That being said, maybe we could have gotten someone to give us a young O-Lineman for the guy in a trade. That would have made a lot more sense, especially from an SMS point-of view.

Taman just gave away one of the most promising Olinesman in the league for draft picks...

My beef with Taman is that he's always disregarded the value of Canadian talent. That has not changed and is evident in many of his moves since he's been in Saskatchewan.

To his credit however, he is honest, he won't play with the guys contracts and won't be over the cap every year like Tillman is.

Maybe Rodriguez couldn't take the pressure of playing in Riderville. I still think he's got a lot of football left in him. I believe he's capable of a 1000 yard season if utilized correctly.

Is Prechae's contract guaranteed? I thought it was only vets with more than 6 years that were guaranteed after the 9 games, and then it gets extended 1 game for every year less of service.

EIther way he wasn't getting the job done, I didn't expect him to get cut this late, but it's not a move that I'm torn about.

weren't the riders using him in a slotback position when he is a W/R or maybe reversed?

perhaps the argos pick him up and play him at his more natural position?

besides owens, the argos dont have anyone reliable, so they might as well try prechae.

I cant find the clip on TSN.ca, but they just had a video of Ken Miller saying exactly what I had been saying...that in addition to underperforming, Rodriguez was often running the wrong routes.

Doesn't mean much, but its nice to know I'm not the only one who noticed.

His contract isn't guaranteed. This was only his 3rd season. I think you're right about the sliding scale although I'm not sure if it's 5 or 6 years.

Dare I say it though on a different level with regard to overall potential, circumstances, and league, is this kind of a Mike Williams (USC, Detroit ...Seattle) situation for which a player with great physical tools and solid hands needs the right coach and organisational guidance in order to even get close to it?

Guys of that build with good hands and speed, at minimum other than other physical talent, are in short supply and are of special interest in any football league especially in the red zone.

Definitely a guy with the right build to keep wide and on the outside to stretch the field running a GO! route or a fade and sometimes I seam route rather than the other routes, but is he just that fast so as to complement in such a role his slot receiver teammates to open up the field for them?