Who wants Jennings?


I cant see him starting the season as starter anywhere.

Winnipeg should grab him but I can’t see the bombers doing anything less than standing pat.

Mutt Nichols will be their 2018 starter.

Chris “Twister” Streveler will be in tow at #2 and ready to assume the #1 job if Nichols falters badly.

Jennings would be a good #3 but not at current pay rate - not even downgraded to $150k, 3rd string in Wpg. prolly a $87 to $95k job.

Priority guess?

  1. Regina
  2. Calgary (under Dickenson & Hufnagel, plus Mitchell he could find his way)
  3. Toronto (a freefall situation)
  4. Ottawa (already have a kinda Jennings clone)

Do you have to make up your own silly nicknames for almost everyone in the CFL?

Please give it a rest; it’s becoming really tiresome.

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My thoughts

Collaros to TOR - Gets him back with his friend and OC Tommy Condell

Jennings to SSK - Chris Jones doesn’t need a great QB, Just not a bad one, his Defence wins games

Reilly to BC - Back with Hervey and his good buddy Lulay, His Family lives just across the border,
BC is going to go hard after Reilly, IMHO Reilly’s contract will be $600K++, If he doesn’t come to BC then Lulay will come back for another year

EDM - depends on Reilly, but if he bolts to BC, they are in massively huge trouble,

If Reilly scoots to BC, Edmonton is in massive trouble.

Jennings becomes a real possibility.

Don’t know if they want to start the season with 40 yr old, 5’8" veteran Kevin Glenn - despite KG’s gaudy accumulated career stats

If Lapolice gets the TOR HC position,
I could see WPG QB Matt Nichols production getting seriously compromised.

The whole Offence leaves WPG if Lapo leaves

I think you pretty much nailed-it there, Lyle. Other teams would be interested in him as a backup, at least…especially since he likely could be signed for $250k. (assuming Mitchell signs in NFL and Reilly/Harris get re-signed.)

Not sure who the Lions plan to replace Jennings with? There isn’t any other QB available they could plug-in who’s close to Jon in ability, experience and potential. Kevin Glenn? Ricky Ray??

The Skinny:

This will be a good value pick-up for someone. He fell out of favour in BC, both with coaches (Jarious Jackson was exceedingly frustrated with him), management (Ed Hervey didn’t think he put in enough off-field time), and fans (never really embraced him, but then again, he never did much in the community to start with). But he’s still only 26-years old and has been a starter in this league. Needs to get the mental part of his game in order (most of his issues are between his ears!), but possesses all the tools and can flourish under the right system and creative, supportive coaching (which he didn’t have in BC).


  • Great, accurate arm when he’s “on.” Throws a beautiful spiral. Good deep ball.
  • Little known fact. He actually had a slightly higher passer rating than Travis this year (still, 85.6 is quite low)
  • Under-rated mobility. Has very good escapability and good wheels
  • Still just 26 years-old
  • Works best in the spread offense, particularly where he can improvise. Jarious’s RPO offence (post-snap read, dink and dunk) did not play to his strengths and at times looked lost
  • Often did not have a lot of time to throw thanks to Dan Dorazio’s perennially leaky O-line


  • Has confidence issues. Like a goalie giving up a soft one early, if he throws an early pick, watch out! A harbinger. They tend to come in bunches.
  • I love his instincts but sometimes question his football IQ. Like taking a sack when he had a chance to throw into the stands. Or throwing for three yards when we needed 10.
  • Tendency to hang onto the ball too long. Not the best at reading defences.
  • Not the most charismatic guy. Teammates will not run through a wall for him like a Mike Reilly.

Excellent assess RWO.

My money’s on Toronto to pick him from the scrap heap. Like u say, big, big tool-kit but mentally weak - and tends to compound panic with more panic. Under Popp, Austin, LaPolice or Austin, etc. and with Ricky Ray involved he could be slowly re-habbed, first as a back-up, then onto starting!

Picking him out of free agency as a starter would indicated the desperation of the team signing him!
Teams it WON’T BE:


all others should be game . . .

Has Edmonton ever had a problem attracting quality QBs? It’s probably one of the greatest QB engines in the entire league.

Picking him out of free agency as a starter would indicated the desperation of the team signing him! Teams it WON'T BE:


all others should be game . . .

You can add Hamilton to that list.

Could actually see Hamilton sign Jennings as a distant #2 to Masoli. Same style as Jeremiah, but still a fully untrained football brain. Wouldn’t have to change the Ti-Cat offense going from Masoli to Jennings, no?

What? Have been getting into the Christmas cheer early?

There is zero chance Hamilton is going after Jennings, or any other starting QB…

I don’t see anyone signing Jennings to be their starter, but as a solid back-up or 1B quarterback? Certainly!! Not sure what kind of money his agent is looking for but it won’t be starter’s bucks after the last two seasons.

But under the right circumstances (coaching, confidence, maturity) he could eventually work his way to a #1 position. Don’t forget, it was just a few years ago Lion’s fans were scared spitless of losing him to the NFL.

I don’t understand why these guys even waste there money in agents to play in this league, it’s just not a profitable situation.

Re read the post.

He is saying that Hamilton should be added to the list of teams who WON’T sign Jennings.

If SSK can’t pry Reilly away from EDM($600K), which I don’t think he will, then I would think that Jones will offer Jennings the starting QB position on a contract in the $250 - $300K range.
It is well known that Jones doesn’t like to spend on QB’s, he spends on his Defence.

I think SSK is a lock for Jennings

I’m not sure if the Riders are a lock or not for Jennings at this point . It should be noted though that Jones has won twenty-two games the last two seasons with the likes of an over the hill Glenn , a broken down fragile Collaros and an inconsistent Bridge as his quarterbacks .

As Grover said Jones is the type of HC who wins and spends on Defence while cobbling an offence together that has a game manager mentality when it comes to the all important QB position . So saying all that maybe signing a quarterback like Jennings might be a good fit in Saskie but I honestly at this juncture wouldn’t call him a lock to wind up in Green and White next season .

Nothing will happen until Reilly signs depending on Calgary. Reilly won’t sign before all the CBA stuff is looked after.

Can’t see anyone being interested in Collaros as a starter. Maybe he finds a spot in Montreal with the group of seven qbs system they seem to like. Definitely needs to put in a healthy year. Seems unlikely.

Jennings to Sask seems plausible. Still leaves them in a risky spot given Bridge as a backup. Offensive game planning may be a bigger issue. For all the difference it would have made I would have liked to see them call up Noah Picton rather than Drew Tate at the end of the year.

Still see a future for James Franklin as well and could see him going back to Edmonton if Toronto does shake it up and make a change. I see the Argos staying with what they have.

Jennings to Calgary if Bo Levi goes. Huff will strike quickly if he decides on it.

CFL doesn’t seem friendly to flat footed qbs at the current time. Two good mobile quarterbacks is a nice option to have. Vernon Adams is one who can play that game but he needs a spot to play. #1 Eastern Washington QB of all time by the fans.

It will be an interesting next few months.