Who Uses This Forum?

For a while I have been wondering about the participation on this Forum? How many Alouette Fans use it? What is the participation of those that use the Forum? Who uses this Forum the most? Who uses this Forum the least? To get information on this- stopping at 10:57 AM, on Sept 27, on the subject MONTREAL @ OTTAWA, I listed the names of all who participated on this Forum and, counted the number of times each participant used it. I did not recheck the numbers so the figures might not be 100% accurate. HfxTC 23, Discipline and Punishment 34, GHT120 12 , Madjack 11, Als Phil 5, Slant 3, Johnny 2 , MR KIS 1, JMK 1, LeStaff 5, TONY 2, Kelly86 1, 234ever 2, NIAGARA 4, PIGSEYE 1, IDEALSHELDON 2, RICHARD V 2 .

Summary: 17 persons participated with 110 responses. With thousands of fans, the participation of only 17 persons could mean that the fan participation is very low. The participation rate was quite unequal as two respondents contributed 52% of the material. Three persons contributed 64% of the material.The average participation rate was 6.4. Who knows what is the meaning, if any, of these figures. I tend to get curious about different things at times. This is just some figures I tabulated to find some meaning to my internal question of Who uses this Forum and, how much do different persons contribute to it? The data is too small itself to have any real meaning.

I can't speak for others, but I use these forums daily. I come in every day to read what you guys write, which I find to be very informative and interesting stuff. I never post much myself because I rarely have much to add. I love football and I love the Als, but I have no clue about any of the behind-the-scenes stuff. I learn it all from here, actually! Whether the posts are coming from d&p, HfxTC, MadJack, Richard, etc., I leave with more knowledge about the Alouettes than I came in with.

So cheers to all of you for that. I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't post, but visits regularly. We're the silent participants. :slight_smile:

I find it makes for good butt wipe :wink:

I suspect ThePiggyman hit the nail on the head. Most forums/boards are the same in that many more read than post, just as when a group get together there are always folks like me that talk a lot and others that hardly speak.

C'est une question très perspicace que pose notre ami NiagaraAls.

Pour ma part, je me réfère davantage au nombre de lectures. Généralement, celles-ci dépassent de loin le nombre des interventions. Ce n'est qu'un indice, parce qu'il est évident que ceux qui écrivent reviennent voir les réactions des autres et le commentent. Mais ça demeure une bonne indication de l'utilité de l'outil.

Je vais parfois voir les forums des autres équipes, et je peux constater que le forum des Alouettes est parmi ceux qui sont très en vie. Ce qui me frappe d'abord dans ce forum, c'est la qualité des observations footbalistiques des intervenants. Il semble y avoir moins de bruit et plus de musique. Mais tout ça n'est que chauvinisme, bien sûr! :wink:

I agree with LeStaf. You have to go by number of reads and also (I think) by the number of anonymous guest users browsing the forum too. Lots of quality football discussion here and I'm happy to read everyone's contributions, as long as we engage in respectful debate. I am convinced that at least a few Als reporters scan this forum. More than once, I've seen a specific question asked by a journalist in a sports press shortly after we've discussed it here.

The funny is, the Als always get slammed for not being "real" football fans, but this forum is one of the most active on the site.

I’d like to thank you guys for your response to this topic. My premise was that there were likely some fans who utilize this Forum but, don’t initiate topics and, there are a few hard core fans who initiate and respond to the majority of the postings. I know we would welcome additional fans to the Forum and, encourage responders to indeed contribute more often. I often spend time reading the Forum of all teams. I particularly enjoy the posts from other teams who take the time to use the Als Forum to comment on our team. For example guys like Papa ( and a few others whose names I cannot recall now) who are Winnipeg fans but, do contribute faithfully to our Als Forum. I always look for the posts from this group as they tend to add a new perspective on the Alouettes. My impression is that our posters contribute material that is perhaps in more depth than what might occur in other Forms. There is one particular Forum where the majority of comments consist of just a single sentence. There is another Form that have hardly have any new weekly post at all. Here in our Forum, the responses are generally well thought out pieces that require more than one sentence and, I believe these are worth reading. I don’t post too often but, when I do I always attempt to add a little depth to my posts ( I hope my responses are not too repetitive at times). AS noted, I find that the best material on the Als comes from our Forum, which provides better, and more frequent material than comes from the media.

Just out of curiosity I ran a sample of the comments from about 8 pages of the blogs. If the number of comments listed per respondent are reasonably close 19 people submitted 92490 comments, or 4868 per person ,through about 93.08 cumulative comment years. The highest number of comments 25,921 were from HfxTC.Interesting.

Math not being my strength, are you saying HfxTC is 93 years old? Interesting.

Kidding aside, with all due respect to all the other knowledgeable posters, as I`ve said before, HfxTC is the guy that keeps the Als forum going.

For me I tend to read a lot more than I post especially when the team isn't doing well because I find the team in its current state to be more depressing than anything else with problems so deeply ingrained in how the team is run than I don't see any realistic fix for the short term

This is where I get the most pertinent Als info. The regular media don't even come close. Hfx, D&P, LeStaf, Richard, you guys in particular know your stuff.

And I like to gripe now and then, especially against Sean Whyte.

I think everyone who post here have made this a great hangout for anyone interested in following the Als. Contributors have worked hard at keeping the discussions football centric and there is pretty much ZERO moderation, which in itself is pretty amazing. You have to go back to Alsfan a couple years ago to see an individual banned from this place! Over the years some of the information here has found its way into media articles and even coaches material. Many lurk here and have a browser window open PERMANENTLY. Others come and go because they follow or are related to a specific player. Its all good !

Unlike Saskatchewan,Winnipeg, Hamilton that have fantastic coverage there is very little media support of this team outside of Herb and a little bit of seasonal coverage from RDS. So this place serves a purpose and while the numbers of participants aren't huge by any means with all its limitations and zero support from the team it is still the most successful virtual hangouts EVER for the Alouettes. :wink:

I personally think you'd get more participation here if disciplineandpunish was less inclined to go for the personal jugular every time people had a different viewpoint. I'm still waiting to see him apologise for calling Madjack, jkm and Richard, Mike idiots amongst other several examples.

I want more of your poetry! :smiley:

I was here for a few years before D started posting here and there wasn't any more participation without him in fact there was less. Nobody is perfect and this forum is very friendly compared to many others. Things actually go south when people stray from football discussions and enter politics, race, religion...

Still waiting for slant to stop judging other people and setting himself as the God-given arbiter of proper conduct. Talk about a pot calling a kettle black. Happy to have that guy on my Foe list...

Exactly. I know I’m a terrible person and THE person that slant loves to vilify (lol), but I have seen participation on this forum steadily increase over the years. It was a ghost town when I joined and it’s not today. So as a group, we must be doing something right…

Slant, stop dredging up ancient history.

Is calling another poster an "Idiot" against forum rules? Yes it is.

Therefore, did d&p owe an apology for that? Yes.

Did d&p and I resolve our differences in private emails? Yes.

So we've moved on. So should you.

And if jkm, Richard, mike and the rest see no need to revisit this, then neither should you.

[i]Once again Slant is kicking the hornets nest :thdn: This slant dude loves to come here and try to bait people and start fights. It seems every comment he makes is meant to stir the pot.

Oh yeah, and the last time Johnny was banned, it's because he lost patience with slant and called him out (on the off topic forum). BOOM! Johnny got banned. That slant is a classic troll. :cowboy: [/i]

Forgetting the troll and returning to the topic, I agree with Hfx. Our forum is a resource and something you just can't find with respect to Alouettes football. I've learned a lot here, and it's where I go to find out about the team in detail, the personnel issues and the Xs and Os. And I'm happy to discuss the Als as long as we stick to football and avoid getting personal.