Who took the loss with the LEAST CLASS?


GMEN SB CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!

No doubt man.

19-0? Pffft.... More like 18-0wned!


clearly you didnt. Belicheck left the field, left his team, before it was over.

...who tookt he win with the least class?....jeremy shockey....wasn't with his team on the sideline during the game, sitting up in a private box doublefisting beers...then skips out yesterday on the team celebration....

but, did he seriously accuse brady of throwing the game. Did he go from brady admirer to brady hater. Did he send the pats an email saying they should investigate brady.

Put it into perspective. He had so much of himself invested in the game. Emotion, Career, Pride, etc. I was just a distant third party whose main concern was not wanting that pissant eli to get a ring.

If I had been in Belichecks shoes, I think I would have stuck around long enough to deck brady.

Nahh, I think I got him beat.

No you dont man. You arent paid to be on the team as the HC. You are a fan of the game.

I dont care one way or the other about bellicheck. IF I had it in for him, I would probably use this as an excuse to dump all over him, but really, I was too pissed off about brady to give a crap about bill. In the end, who did it hurt what he did? Why did he need to stay on the field? To answer stupid questions from assinine media? I wouldnt do it.

They guy was less than two minutes from perhaps the most remarkable feats in sports, and it got taken away from him with only seconds to go. Who wouldnt be crushed. Cut him some slack, ehh. Nothing this teamcoach does from here on in will make up for it. 5 more SB rings will not erase it. This was just about the biggest ball anyone ever dropped. Biggest dissapointment. These guys are only human.

Well, I was jumping around screaming because we won, but from what I read after the game, apparently he left his sideline because the clock actually ran down to 0. Now, whether or not it was supposed to is another matter. But that's the way I read it went down.