Who to replace coach with?

Jones is leaving like every other team he’s been with, dropped the riders like a hot potato, so who will be the new coach. Durant? Lapolice ?

Now all the McAdoo haters can get lathered up ?

Understand nothing has yet been officially confirmed, but if its true…then good on him. Frustrated he is leaving, as I believe he has done a very good job improving our team and its depth, but certainly can’t hold it against him. Like it or not it is the nature of the beast, its all business, and he’d be foolish not to explore better opportunities, which I understand was in-line with the contract he recently signed.
To replace him…that is going to be tough…as far as a replacement coach goes, I like the idea of Lapo, or maybe Trestman…
Probably the biggest hurt may well be the many players who had intended on resigning with the Riders and may very well re-consider.

Ok, let the HC poll begin:

C. Dickinson

Lapo? Always liked him. Trestman will probably sit or go to the u.s.

Kent Austin, IMO.

If this team is stuck with Jone’s announced coaching staff for next year, that was made last weekend, which I think they will be salary wise, and Jones probably got a signing bonus for his “Extension” to boot, this thing is a nightmare that had to be planned on his part.

[justify]Lapo would be great, hell of an offensive coordinator and could tune MacAdoo in. Show him how a real offense works!! [/justify]
[justify]No better yet send MacAdoo on his way[/justify]

Don’t think he’s available, but not sure

That will cost Riders his salary against the new cap. Then what’s left for a new coaches preference?

Wrong,Jones left on his own accord. The Riders will owe him nothing so his contract money can be used for the new coach. I am not sure about the rest of his staff though. Letting any of those coaches go may eat up cap space.

I never wanted LAPO to leave. I think him, Craig Dickenson, or Mark Trestman would do just fine. Mike Benevidies wouldnt be any worse than Jones. I just hope we dontneed to suffer through more McAdoo offense.

I guess the thing is when you place all your eggs in one basket with GM, HC, and DC this is what happens. They now must fill the GM role before free agency or they’ll miss out.

Oday I would think gets a shot

Riders fan south of the border, and i’m glad he left. I haven’t been able to stomach him since the day he was hired, and it doesn’t surprise me that he dumped the Riders just like the Eskimos. I believe his leaving will benefit the Riders and get a coach that isn’t an egotistical ***hole.

Jones wasn’t even mentioned in the post I responded to. It was about letting Mcadoo go so a new H.C. isn’t saddle with him.

Agree. Good luck to Jones - of course, unless he comes back and coaches with another CFL team.

What about the following: Lapo - HC & OC, Richie Hall - DC & Assistant HC … can we lure them away from Winterpig for more dollars … ?

Interesting comment from Nik Lewis


PS I hate this site for posting images ?

Sounds like Jerry Glanville might be interested ??♂?. Suppose it depends what his “personal reasons? were for leaving Hamilton.

Can’t they just hire who they want and pay the fines for exceeding the cap? How much could it be really?

Absolutely, O’day should get the GM position.

AND I like the idea of LaPolice as HC (OC?)
I think Lapol can and has identified with the Riders and Commit.