Who To Pick First

Obie and staff will be making a very important decision on who to pick first. Will it be Jamall Lee, Rottier, Legare or Tristian Black. We sure need a talented MLB and then. How do you lads feel. Who can come up with the first pick. A rubber ducky for the winner. :smiley:

The smart, can't-miss pick is Rottier.

And the Cats would be crazy not to take a D-Lineman at #3, considering that our D-Line was brutal last year.

If we take Rottier first I cant see the Boatmen not taking Jamall Lee second then its ether Lagare or Tristan Black. I like Lagare but Black might fill a gaping black hole in the center of our defence. I cant see us not picking Black third.

Does it really matter?

If you look back at the Ticats draft history, even in the last 5 years which should be the Canadian base of your team, we have done a terrible job as a whole.

Hopefully Obie has a keen eye for these things but I’m not holding my breath.

Whoever we draft, I don’t expect him to make an impact at all this year. We tend to forget that this is not the NFL draft where the top 10 picks are guaranteed to be starters and half of them will be able to do it and be successful in the NFL.

There is a bigger jumpr from CIS to the CFL. It’s easier for an NCAA Canadian to come up here and compete. CIS isn’t great football. The players are nowhere nearly as talented as in NCAA. There are a few exceptions but as a whole, the competition here is terrible.

I think Lee or Black would add to the team in the first year.

By and large I agree with this assessment. The training, coaching and competition are at a higher level overall in the NCAA.

People need to remember that the draft is NOT a CIS player draft. It is a draft of Canadians coming out of university, regardless of where the school is. Some folks seem to misunderstand this.

Many draftees each year come from NCAA schools, not CIS schools. This year's crop seems unusually top heavy with CIS kids... Rottier, Legare and Lee included. That's great, and I'm delighted to see good CIS kids get a chance in the CFL.

However, Black went to Wayne State, and there will no doubt be lots of draftees from NCAA schools this year. Over the years, quite a number of excellent Canadian players have come in the draft out of NCAA schools.

You can never go wrong with a quality Canuck Olinesman. Dlinesmen...Bekasiak, Robede....they take longer to develop and the Ticats track record bringing up players isn't good.

I think we should draft legere first, and with the third either rottier or the windsor kid that did so well in the pre draft try out s.I agree with the other posts about ticats and their draft picks.This is another area where we need to improve .Both of the grey cup starting guards were draft picks last year.It is not impossible for a draft pick to start and help today, just not on the ticats.I sure hope the argos take lee, will be like our giguire pick last year.

I think we draft Rottier first. You can never have too many canadian o linemen.

I would be ecstatic if the first 3 picks play out like this...

  1. Rottier
  2. Lee
  3. Black

That would be a great draft in my eyes.

I think Tristan Black is probably one of my favourite players for this up coming draft. He may have to lose a few pounds before camp to adjust to the pace of the CFL but this kid looks like a future franchise linebacker...

Sure we have good Canadian linebacker depth but they aren't getting younger and with Auggie back he would help Black A LOT! Just think if we get Black, in a year or 2 he could be our starting Middle Linebacker and a building block of our defense.

Having a really good young Canadian MLB would be huge.

That's just my 2 cents.

Hope they pick really well.....so they can be traded to the esks!

I don't see teams letting Black go until the 9th pick.

If the cats want him they're going to have to draft him #3 and hope Lee is there at #9.

Edit: though I don't see the Argos passing on Lee at #2 due to his pedigree and speed and that he's a player at a position they typically let rot.

i think we should pick Lee first and here's why I don't think we're as good at RB as we think we are, Calley is coming of a knee operation and Kieth is still a question mark in my book so far. Now if we pick Lee first the boatmen will pick Rottier or Legare second and we can pick Black third then pick a lineman with the ninth pick. I think it would be a big hurt to let Lee go to the boatmen. And then Lee could go to a NFL camp and you may not see him for a some time. :roll:

If you are going for ratio-busters, you take Rottier at 1, and Black at 3.

Legare would be in tough to start this year with Kirk, Reid and probably Corey Mace in the mix. And there are some other very good D-Linemen who would probably be available at 9.

I think it's a lock that the Argos will take Lee at #2 if we don't take him at 1.

[quote="GBonds88"]I would be ecstatic if the first 3 picks play out like this...

  1. Rottier
  2. Lee
  3. Black

That would be a great draft in my eyes.

I agree with this completely and hope that the @rgos don't take Black

Pseudo, I said the first 3 picks not our first 3 picks, let me clear things up...

1st overall pick - Rottier(Hamilton)
2nd overall pick - Lee(Toronto)
3rd overall pick - Black(Hamilton)

trailerparkboy, understood what I was trying to say.

How sweet would it be to have the best Canadian O-Lineman and Linebacker in this years draft.

Rottier would give us an all Canadian O-Line and outstanding Canadian depth.

Black would give us great Canadian depth at linebacker and could possibly turn into a franchise player for us on defense.

I can't see Toronto taking Lee with the second pick. IF Toronto was to select him it wouldn't be till the fouth pick, knowing Hamilton isn't interested in a RB. Which ever Ticats want for sure they need to take him with their firt pick.

I would pick Jamall lee first. Why? Because he can play FB(I said he CAN not that it's his listed position at the moment), a position where we could use a little help after losing Jeff Piercy, and if we don't draft him the Argos will and he'll probably be the next Dominque Dorsey or better(Amazing runs/returns all through 2008). After we pick up Lee,the Argos would probably skip over Rottier seeing as they're not bad on the O-line at the moment and probably pick Tristan Black (MLB) or Etienne Legare (DL) .Then for our 3rd pick we take Rottier and go from there from there on out. We don't need a MLB that badly, Cameron Siskowic was pretty decent at MLB and that was in his rookie season and we have DL coming out the wazoo right now so we aren't needing them very badly at the moment either. We have an ok Fullback (Robert Pavlovic), but think of this combo. Kenton keith/Terry Caulley at RB Jamall Lee at FB. Then we get Rottier to strengthen our line, and by then Gerald davis should be good to go again (He was a great OL before he got injured late in the season). If i'm not mistaken it will be Davis/Gauthier on the left, hage at center and it would probably be George Hudson and Simeon Rottier on the right. Who knows, we may even get lucky from there on out with a MLB or another OL/DL later on in the draft. That's just my opinion though :stuck_out_tongue:

Jamall Lee would help us forget the Lummer. :frowning:

I don't have a problem with Black or Lee, but I'd say get Rottier with the first piack and Legare with our second pick (third overall). If by our next pick Black or Lee is stilll avaliable for our next pick, or if The Argos picked Legare with their pick, I'd daft either one of them, but right now our offencive and defencive lines need the most help.