Who to Pick First Overall in 2007 CFL Draft?

The Ticats have the first and fourth overall picks in the 2007 CFL Canadian Draft. Here are four of the top draft eligible Canadian players from the NCAA:

Defensive tackle J.P. Bekasiak (6-6, 300 lbs) Toledo
2006 stats (senior year)- 22 total tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 2 quarterback sacks, 1 blocked kick

Wide receiver Jabari Arthur (6-4 220 lbs) Akron
2006 stats (junior year)- 45 receptions/730 yards, 4 TDs

Safety Tad Crawford (6-3 200 lbs) Columbia
2006 stats (senior year)- 101 total tackles, 1 interception

Offensive tackle Mike Gyetvai (6-7 307 lbs) Michigan State
2006 stats (junior year)- 6 games played (missed remaining games with an injured shoulder)

If you were the Ticats GM, which one of these players would you select with the first choice overall based on the needs of the team and the ability of the player? Or would you select another player (i.e. a player from the CIS) as the first pick overall?

  1. Crawford. We need a safety in a HUGE way.

  2. Gyetvai. Canadian O-linemen are worth their weight in platinum.

Good thread.

troy smith.

Jabari Arthur.

use 1st overall on the best player available plain and simple. use no.4 for immediate help. That's a luxury of having 2 1st round picks. Desjardins, having learned from Jim popp, will most likely follow this model.

trade the first pick for a veteran, there is nobody on that list that is gonna help out this team right away, get some guys that are gonna get this team a playoff spot and a home playoff.

With the probability of an expansion draft next year it would not surprise me if the CATS went long term and drafted kids with NCAA eligibility. Arthur and Gyetvai seem to fit that bill.

Will maybe depend on how some of these guys fare at the CFL Combine.

Ticats have 1st and 4th overall right?

1st - maybe Crawford (Hamilton area lad), if he tests well and shows some speed - was a big play-maker in US college ball - team and coference leading tackler and an all-star; might be able to step-in and start at safety right away - position in need - Shaw is OK as safety IMO but could also be a good nickel back and back-up at all D-backfield spots.

Other area in need of help is receiver it seems - so with 1st or 4th overall should be able to get a good prospect from a deep crop in this draft - maybe Chris Bauman (Regina) a huge target (6-5, 215) and led the CIS in receiving yards & TDs last year - might be able to contribute right away as Clermont and Fantuz did as CFL rookies.

I like that idea, NSK. Crawford would be my number three. If the draft breaks our way, perhaps we could land all three, given the fact we have additional second-round picks as well.

Oski Wee Wee,

I also thought the wr from Boston Colege is coming out early. He would make an instant impact.

For sure - they should pick him 1st overall


troy smith, there is no chance he will get a starting job in the nfl, why not get him settled in here and give a chance at the starting job, he is 5'11'' and he could boost his chances of moving to the nfl later on like how warren moon did.

Yeah - draft him 1st overall and watch him light up the little ole’ CFL; he would kick butt up here against the vastly inferior defences than what he is used to in the much superior NCAA ball - not really fair though him getting to play against some canadians on the same field; and then, after a couple of GC wins and CFL MVP awards, he could go down to the NFL. Can I draft him for my Madden Football team too?

You know, trading of a first round draft pick for a player does not seem to happen very often. It seems that when first round draft picks get traded, they are part included as part of larger trades that involve a few more players. They are used to sweeten deals with other teams, it seems. I'm not sure why, though it could be that the draft is something of a crapshoot. So unless a trade that involves a few players will happen, I think these picks will be kept.

And besides, the team does seem to be in rebuilding mode. It could very well be the Desjardins already has a good idea of who he wants, and wants to keep the first pick to guarantee that we will get this player. And perhaps some decisions have been made with this in mind.

This is a good thread, and it will be interesting to see what will happen and what sort of strategy will be used with these two first round picks.

And when will this draft be held?

I wasn't aware that Troy Smith was available in the Canadian college draft.

I don't think that Troy Smith is aware he's available in the CANADIAN college draft.

Well - he should be - otherwise CFL teams are stuck with drafting a bunch of nobody/no-talents.

TCanuck, I don't know if you're sarcastic or what... I'm praying that you're just making fun of this truwarior guy.

Edit: I just read your other post, my apologies.

well last time i checked there are no canadians dominating the ncaa and being nominated for awards, last time i check florida and ohio state didnt have any canadians tearing it up in the bcs game, the only decent canadian was that lineman for boise state.

Hamilton will be looking to fill holes with their first two picks in the draft. In that vein, their #1 priorities will be:


Pick #1 will be the best available receiver available, pick #2 will be the best available D-Lineman available. If, in Desjardins' mind, none of the candidates available in the first round of this draft can start and contribute for Hamilton this year, I think he will trade the first overall pick for a starting import receiver.

truwarier well last time i checked there are no canadians dominating the ncaa and being nominated for awards, last time i check florida and ohio state didnt have any canadians tearing it up in the bcs game, the only decent canadian was that lineman for boise state.
a) That is why CFL teams have negotiation lists. Troy Smith will get an NFL chance but if he were to come to Canada I am sure someone has him on their list or teams will track his progress and put him on their list at the right time b) Since you make such blanket statements about "no Canadians" being up for awards here is a link where Ticat 2006 draft pick and Canadian Peter Dyakowski was picked for the All-Bowl team by ESPN: [url=http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/flash/2006/allbowl?lpos=spotlight&lid=tab2pos1]http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/flash/200 ... d=tab2pos1[/url] Again it should be pointed out that Dyakowski's LSU Tigers were in fact in a BCS bowl, the Sugar Bowl, beating Notre Dame