Who to hope for in Lions vs. Ticats semi-final?

This is a tough call if you are not a hometown/province fan of either team. First you have the Ti-Cats who had an amazing comeback season with a feel good comeback story for Kevin Glenn who waited patiently without being disruptive and selfish until he got his chance to shine. Who didn't feel good for him going into Winnipeg and beating his old team who cut him loose.
On the other hand, Wally's team has gone through 5 quarterbacks and are still standing!!!!! I know the leos got in the back door but still their hanging in there with all the qb injuries is to be admired.
I have shared my emotions in the past about those damn Lions and have pooh-poohed the Tiger cats the last few seasons. For this game I admire both teams. May the best team win!!!! :cowboy:

Got to hope for a Lion win! :wink:

Hey Turkey, a BC VS Saskatchewan Grey Cup ? :wink: :wink: