who to get rid of, who to keep next year!

This team hasnt had the best of year but we have some people who are going to change this team even better for next year. I really think we have some good things...as well tehre are guys that really havent shown me anything. This is what i would do next year.


Two solid quarterbacks in Casey Printers and Richie Williams. Get rid of Timmy Chang.

Two solid running backs in Jesse Lumsden and Terry Caulley. We can either trade Anthony Davis or get rid of him.

Two solid fullbacks in Kori Dickerson and Jeff Piercy. Julian Radlein is alright but if were not going to use him trade him then
[b]what we need is some wide receivers and some offensive line players. I would keep marwan hage, cedric gagne marcoux and George Hudson if hes all healthy..other then that get rid of the rest. Maybe keep Peter Dyakowski, but if we can trade him for someone good then even better.

As for our wide receivers, to be honest i wouldnt miss any of them if any of them left next year. Like i mean jason armstead hasnt played really well, Brock Ralph is not consistent. He has his moments but also drops a lot. Nate Curry has moments but he is not a go to guy like a Geroy Simon or Jason Tucker from Edmonton. Look at our first pick in Chris Bauman in the Canadian Draft..can he even catch a ball?? this guy has his moments also but is not consistent. These receivers dont work for the ball. Yeah ok, sometimes coverage is a little tight, but the receivers need to step it up and noone really has all year. Talman Gardner barely plays but i mean honestly i dont think he is a Geroy Simon kind of guy either.

We have a solid kicker in Nick Setta but i think we need to invest in a punter also. I dont think we should leave all the kicking duties to Nick Setta. If he ever gets injured were in a lot of trouble.

As for the defence, our solid areas are the linebackers and our front four...well kind of.

Zeke Moreno is one tough son of a ***CH!! He plays amazing!! i dont need to say anymore about that. :slight_smile:
JoJuan Armour is pretty solid also so hes a keeper also. As for our other linebackers who have played the other side there pretty solid also. Jamacia Jackson, Michael Harden, David Lofton, Ryan Glasper and Ray Mariuz all look really good.

Our defensive ends, Nautyn McKay Loescher and Charlton Keith look pretty impressive. I would have liked to see Gavin Walls in there if that was possible but oh well. As for our defensive tackles Clinton Wayne is still injured and Roger Dunbrack has been playing really well as the backup. What happened to JP Bekasiak and Jermaine Reid though?? I know there rookies but you never hear about them...I guess tehre keeping the benches warm...but that really concerns me...maybe we need to look for some Doug Brown type players on the defensive tackle positions.

And lastly, our defensive backs and Cornerbacks. What a mess!! i think that is our biggest weakness on this team. Ok i do like Dwight Anderson and Tay Cody. They show the most promise on this team but what about the rest of them??? Michael Roberts clearly stinks, Lawrence Gordon looked better last year...this year he hasnt played that well at all. He has his moments but other then that yeah....what else can i say?? lol..Richard Karikari's old days are over. Hes not like he used to be so we should get rid of him also. Sandy Beveridge is not bad but i would like to see Ryan Glasper playing safety and moving Tay Cody back to defensive back. Tony Tiller is ok but not the most solid player out there.

Other then that..not a bad team..LOL

There will be better days, trust me!