Who thinks the boat was missed with Micheal Bishop?

Would have to say that as happy as I am that Buck is helping the Offensive not to turn the ball over and get his receivers into the game (aside from Paris), I'm a bit stumped as to why the Lions didn't take a serious interest in Bishop. He's now on a team with literally no veteran receivers and he's still winning games. It seemed to take the Lions an extraordinary amount of time to realize that JJ wasn't going to lead the team to the play-offs. Buck is great...but if he gets injured again, then what? My feeling was that Bishop demonstrated last year (aside from the play-off game)that he could dominate the field, using a team with much fewer weapons than the Lions have. Anyone have a sense of what the bias against him might have been? What was so bad?

I dont know…I dont see the team responding very well to a move like that… Mainley because of how much they like their QB’s and the success they’ve had with them. I think it would look like a panic move, and disrupt things a bit…good thought though.

Buck and JJ are still young and leaning. Im not ready to give up on either yet, although I heavilly favour Buck over Jarious.

Jarious Jackson isn't that young. Pierce should be the future.