Who thinks Simoni has a big bounce back year?

I feel like 21 could be a force this year with some stronger support in the D. Maybe rotating out some plays for less mileage? Maybe getting after the QB a little more than last year?


You cant reverse time and age . Heres hoping he comes up with a big play (s) in a big game to put an exclamation mark on career.


I think Lawrence can make big plays, but his days as an every down LB are probably behind him. He would best be used now as a fresh player off the bench in situations that require his skills. Otherwise, you'll see frequent visits to the injured list...

HSG and Stein have gone all-in this year. Too much at stake to have passengers on starting roster. Stein may have tough decisions as season wears on. But will Stein make them ?

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To be honest people will be fixated on Thurman not Lawrence.


And Davis and sack totals. Lots of scrutiny to go around this year, you'd think.

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My thoughts as well. This might free up some room for Simoni.


Not many thoughts on Simoni this year? Strange.

Simoni will be an All Star this year, if he's a regular starter.
He might be used in rotation, so who knows.
In his training videos on Instagram he looks to be 100%

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