who the Hell is kicking for the stamps???

Hey I am curious on who willl be kicking for the stamps this season? Is Martino and Mclouglin coming back? did the stamps even sign anyone ? if so who or are they going with there american from last year? With all thier moves this offseason I believe they have forgotten 1 of the most important positions in the CFL the kicker/ Punter. Thanks for any insight people may have.

I heard they have a couple of young canadians coming in to try out. I am not sure of their names.

what happend to that Greathouse guy or whatever the heck is name was/is?

He is here but may be replaced with a Canadian. They have two you Canadians ready to try out!

Yeah I havent heard anything about Greathouse either. Are you sure he’s there? And I haven’t heard about Martino either, though I remember hearing a few months earlier that he’d be in camp this year.

I agree that having an American punter is kind of a waste of an import pick. But if none of your Canadian prospects in camp are any good at the punter position(which so far sounds like the case), then you may as well keep him. I may be mistaken, but wasn’t Greathouse the best punter in the league last year?

…yup, and that’s why he is saving his leg for the NFL…

Looks like it’s been settled on a fellow by the name of Sandro DeAngelis. I guess he missed one 31-yarder, made the other one, and later hit a 48-yarder. So, the kicking game is going to be (as the Herald so accurately put it!) an “adventure” this year! Oh well, at least he’s Canadian … I don’t think kicker is a position you should be giving to an import.