Who the heck is Crestman

…Montreal Gazette is inferring that this guy is the new Als. coach…He apparently has no CFL experience other than being a guest coach at the Als. camp…Supposed official announcement shortly…can anyone confirm…hmmmmmm??? :roll:

…sorry i guess the guys name is Trestman…sorry bout the error…He must be good for the Als to have passed over a lot of CFL experienced people :roll: :roll:

The Amazing Crestman, didn't he do card tricks ? lol.

...He better have some tricks up his sleeve...specially with 'no' CFL experience :lol: ....what are the Als. thinking.... :roll:

Trestman is an intersting choice though. He's had a lot of NFL success as a coordinator and position coach. Good to see some new blood enter the league, too.

.....with no CFL experience...Trestman will certainly have a challenge....but he need not look too far for some advice....Popp is still in the wings....which would bring one to ask???....who will 'really' be calling the shots in 08....hmmmmmm???? :roll:



He has no CFL experience, not, no football experience.

Personally I don't have a problem with bringing in Fresh Blood instead of recycling the same ones over and over.

No CFL experience, but as much or more coaching experience as pretty much every head coach in the CFL had when they began their head coaching careers. More than guys like Austin, Maciocia, Buono, etc. had.
It will be interesting to see how it turns out.
He must have impressed somebody given a pretty extensive search which featured some very good coaches.

Couldn't agree more RO the key here is "Fresh Blood" and the Al's definetly could use some in the coaching dept.!

:lol: ....the 'Amazing Kreskin' that is......but i was close......'new blood' is good...especially when you need a total transfusion....and that's what the Als. seem to be going through.... they definitely have cleaned house.... :wink:

And if he surrounds himself with decent assistants....

If he surrounds himself with assistants who have lots of CFL experience, it could work.

If he brings in a bunch of ex-college coaches as his assistants, based on his personal relationships with them, it will be a disaster.

Here is his resume...

2005-2006 Offensive Coordinator & Quarterback Coach NC State
2004 Quarterback Coach & Assistant Head Coach Miami Dolphins
2002-2003 Offensive Coordinator & Quarterback Coach Oakland Raiders
2001 Assistant Coach Oakland Raiders
1998-2000 Offensive Coordinator & Quarterback Coach Arizona Cardinals
1997 Quarterback Coach Detroit Lions
1995 Offensive Coordinator & Quarterback Coach San Francisco 49ers
1990-1991 Quarterback Coach Minnesota Vikings
1989 Offensive Coordinator & Quarterback Coach Cleveland Browns
1988 Quarterback Coach Cleveland Browns
1987 Quarterback Coach Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1985-1986 Running Backs Coach Minnesota Vikings
1983-1984 Quarterback Coach Miami-FL

Ro, the resume is impressive, no doubt, but time and again we have seen coaches and players come up here with gaudy pedigrees and then flop miserably at the Canadian game. I love the NFL experience, but it is by no means certain that he will be able to convert that experience into CFL results.

Ron Meyer......

Kay Stephenson.......

Forrest Gregg......

Pepper Rodgers......

Jack Pardee........

Frank Kush.......

Ardel Weigant

Buono & Austin both played in the CFL. Maciocia has been immersed in Canadian football his whole life.

Trestman will need to surround himself with CFL experience for this to work. I don't care what his credentials are.

If he's the man then I can only hope that he brings in American coordinators as well. It takes a minimum of a year for U.S. coaches to get acclimatized to the Canadian game. Even with the best of intentions they make odd calls on special teams, run the clock 'funny' and frequently have quite a time figuring out what to do with that extra player.

It all sinks in - for the good ones quickly. However, this would bode well for the 'Cats in at least the first half of the season and hey..... I'm a 'Cats fan.

I agree, there is no guarentee regardless of how much NFL experience he has, Then again there is no guarentee regardless of how much CFL experience he has.

I have no problem with bringing in someone compleatly new. What I never understod was recylcing the old coaches....Take Popp for example.....He has shown he cannot handle the job. Why should another team hire him.

yup.. yup yup.. look at that list.

Trestman will be added to that list soon...

You can't come into the CFL as a Head Coach with no Experience as an Assistant or coordinator in the CFL. I don't care how much NFL or College Experience you have, if you don't know the CFL game, you will fail...

if you don't know the CFL game, you will fail...