Who the Frak are these guys?

Is Dorais in the hospital?

Sean Brown

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=roster&func=display&ros_id=1050]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=rost ... os_id=1050[/url]

Rayshaun Kizer

[url=http://www.unimaxnet.com/blogs/rayshaun_kizer/index_111906.php]http://www.unimaxnet.com/blogs/rayshaun ... 111906.php[/url]

Jermaine McElveen

[url=http://uabsports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/mcelveen_jermaine00.html]http://uabsports.cstv.com/sports/m-foot ... ine00.html[/url]

Ean Randolph

[url=http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/profile.php?pyid=67907]http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/pr ... pyid=67907[/url]

Tony Thornton

You also have 2007 players such as Bashir Livingston and Louis Mackey no longer listed on the the Roster, as well as off-season signings such as James Judges, Nate Morton, Tim Sandidge, etc.
This Roster non-transparency is really bush league. This does not even occur with the other CFL teams.
Alouette fans deserve to know player comings and goings, this is basic stuff!

I thought I saw Bash today in St-Jean. There was someone wearing 23, and he looked like him.

Chijioke Onyenegecha the DB from Oklahoma. Hope he makes the team, I'd like to see Jacques Moreau pronouce that!

Are you surprised? Typical of Mr.Popp. As I wrote yesterday-ref:marketing item- I expected at least 10 new players and some players on the then roster to be deleted by noon today.

Well, as of 14:45 hours today,12 had been added and 11 deleted; the ones deleted include: Will Proctor,Josh Harris,Bruce Perry,James Judges,Nate Morton, Tim Dandidge and Skip Seagraves;furthermore,12 have been added to the disabled/injured list, including 3 of the free agents signed in the off-season,i,e,Hunt,Keeping and Cody.

Expect more changes/transactions as of midnight,since a net of 5-as per SMS- can be added or 68 players +5 draft choices /protected player; the current roster is at 68, excluding injured players which don't count.

Of all the players signed during the off-season,excluding draft choices, only a few remain on the current roster; they are:Karibi Dede, Jamel Richardson and Jay Staggs. What a joke!

If these latest "moves" bring a winning team, we won't complaint but, if we have a loosing season, it will be "ugly".


Well that is not most of the new guys but I can't say that any of these guys are a "surprise" I'm actually impressed how quickly they are evaluating players. Just would be nice to get a press release once a day during camp....

Thanks Richard

and now you can

Thomas Smith


Keron Williams

So am I crazy, or I did see Bash today?

No change in the past 2 hours; we are presently at 68, consisting of:5 Q.B. ,15 W.R.,6 R.B.,13 O.L.,9 D.L.,6 L.B.,12 D.B. ,1 K/P and 1 Long snapper.

We are definitely short of R.B. ,D.L. and L.B. We need at least 1 R.B., 2 D.L. and 1 L.B.

The 12 new players consist of 4 O.L., Brown, Conrad,Karhut and O'Connor,4 D.L.,Lucas,Mc.Elveen,Smith and Williams,3 D.B.,Kizer, Swanson and Onyenegecha-on injured list- and 1 W.R. Randolph.


Wow...Team changed like 14 guys from their roster in 24 hours...that had to be planned ...

When I saw the way that Popp works with the team, a lot of changes, I remember the "good ol' days" of... the Concordes!!!

Joe Galat had the "talent" to change the ¾ of his team every year. I have this feeling for two years.

I see Tay Cody was no Show for You guys.
Tay had a real Attitude Problem The Past 2 years.
He Missed Public Appearance and Last year show little Effort..

GL with Him if he ever Shows up..You'll need it.

Looks like he pocketed a signing bonus as well. I suspect the Als will release him before the season starts. Wasn't a big bonus bot still that makes him dishonest in my books.

have to agree ..
See you guys in Hamilton for season kickoff..

I was a fan of Cody's last season. I didn't think he was a trouble maker though. Now that I look at the signing it wasn't that great. Montreal signed him to replace Coby Rhinehart, who never got a decent chance.

It makes me upset when the Als release very good defensive players, thinking they don't fit into the Defense, when they come in for about 5 plays a game.

John Grace, Rhinehart comes to mind. I was so happy to hear the signing of these 2 players last season, but Rhinehart was backing up, and Grace was released early.

Considering how CFL players are treated like pieces of meat (signed, released, re-signed, traded, cut the day before being eligible for bonuses), I don't blame Cody for taking the money and running. It's within the rules, so it's not dishonest. These guys don't get paid very much considering the grueling life they lead and the short career span, after which they have to start over and get non-football jobs. If GMs want to treat their players like horseflesh, then they shouldn't be surprised when players do their best to exploit the system.

Wow ! So if I own a bar and bartenders skim money its ok? Because they don't make much of a "salary" and customers abuse them.

Not to mention that he's sckrewing all CFL players by showing WHY teams shouldn't hand out any signing bonus.

If you sign a contract, don't you have to show?

Skimming money is illegal. What Cody is doing isn't illegal. The comparison is irrelevant.

Is Cody's action honorable? Probably not. But is it honorable to wait until the day before a player is eligible for a bonus to cut him from the roster? Particularly when you wait late enough so that his chances of catching on elsewhere are slim to none?

Let's not kid ourselves. CFL GMs are not angels by any stretch of the imagination.