Who takes Weston's place on the roster?

Any ideas? Gilchrist, Quinn, Jones, Charles?

I know nobody will think this a good idea, but maybe play Charles at slot? He can run the ball on those plays we play Dressler running, and I'm pretty sure he had a good set of hands on him, just an idea, might be good, might be bad, who knows

Armstead or Jones

Armstead should probably slide in. That way you won't lose any speed and can still run the same offence or close to it. I think JA has a decent handle on the playbook now and can be a factor. I wouldn't mind Charles except for the fact that he puts the ball on the carpet way too much. Or hey here is an idea..why don't we use that guy we signed..umm Jacob no James no Jason yes Jason..last name has escaped me..but seriously I want to see more of JC. He is a rhytm reciever so he needs to be involved. Yes, it is extremely difficult to get him involved with the talent in front of him but it is not impossible. Lapolice needs to do a way better job and I know he is not the one running routes or throwing the ball but still, he could be doing a lot more. Why aren't we seeing cates get the ball out in space? Why do we insist to run that same play where the slot(was dressler) came on the sweep and either takes the ball or it turns into a draw or Durant pulls it and the recievers all flood one side on outs and corners..not hard to defend against when you constantly run it. I actually like that play but we have wore it out big time. Also on 2nd and short we still run the d@mn draw from the shotgun..very frustrating.

Getting back on topic..my vote goes to Armstead

Interesting thing is you could start 4 Canadian receivers. . . Fantuz, Clermont, Getzlaf, and Bagg. . . might allow using an import somewhere else. . .

Thing is, we really don't have an import anywhere that isn't starting due to the ratio. Unless they airlift an OT in, but that's unlikely. We are already starting 4 o-linemen, 3 (or 4) receivers, 2 D-linemen, a corner and possibly an LB, depending on what they do with Williams and McCullough - already more than required.

They've been seriously looking at Armstead and Chris Jones as import options and Nicolson and Clermont as non-import options, but who knows who they'll start or platoon @ that position 'cuz they've been known to do weird stuff when replacing a huge shoes to fill player. :cowboy:

Armstead will be a shoe in for sure.

I took the question to mean "Who takes Weston's place on the ROSTER"

which rules out Armstead cause he is already on the roster.

I also thought Dressler was slot and Armstead a wideout.

I want to see Clermont both on the roster and on the field at slot. It is the time of year where yards are hard to come by and possession is the name of the game.

Armstead is the ideal replacement for the Drezz.

I actually feel JA has a little better closing speed on deep balls then WD .

The only problem I see from this is, will JA’s game begin to suffer as did WD’s from the increased responsibilities, and if he does get worn down will JA be awarded the same tolerance’s as WD was, or will JA be tossed to to the wolves, again, as a washed-up, told ya so, re-cycled, has-been…