Who takes the rubber match?

Well, the Als won over the Esks in 2002, then the Esks won the Grey Cup in 2003. In 2005 we meet again......bragging rights are on the line.

Go Esks!

ps. Western final? Outstanding game, exciting right up until the end. What a finish to this "edge of your seat" season.

The entire Eskimos team played very well today as a whole. It was a great "edge of your seat" game like saskesksfan just said. I can't wait for the Grey Cup next weekend. Go ESKS Go!

man, i just hope all of our guys are going to be healthy............

Als will win. DESTINY!!!!! Als are the Rocky story for this season. They've been hit and knocked down, but its time Drago(Eskimos). Honestly i think the Als prevail if the keep a good pass/rushing ratio. Game is going to come down to the wire. Duval fieldgoal. The Als tonight had the look of a champion. I'am a Pats fan and i know the look and the feel. I felt it with the Als earlier in the season when the played the Eskimos at Molson Stadium. There a good all around team. See i said 'good' not 'great' and thats because they haven't won the cup yet. This is the season Don Matthews and the Als shake the habit of folding in the big games.

Montreal all the way!

GO ALS!!!!!!!!!