who takes over for Brian Hall?

I honestly have no clue..

anyone know who could be possible replacements?

I think it'd be hilarious if you replaced him. :smiley:

well, id be able to do it fairly.. its a job afterall :slight_smile:

but alas, no..

lets just hope it aint another Hall...

Hall from Hall and Oats? :stuck_out_tongue:

Does it really matter? Whoever gets the job couldn't possibly come anywhere close to being as unlistenable. You could fill up an entire blooper reel with his PBP of the last few seasons.

hahahaha good call there... at least hes gone

It won't be his son.I heard he works in a grocery store bakery as a muffin pan washer.

Ive heard John Sexsmith from Global TVs name mentioned.

How about Gord Whithead?