Who sucks worse

I cant make up my mind

I abstain for the first time :expressionless:

Me too :lol:

Wally has a more talented team by far. My vote is for him.

Barker took a bunch of scrubs to the East Final last year.

I saw a great tweet by Dave Naylor: Argos are the only team in the CFL that seems almost exactly the same as last year.

barker has backups in tonight at QB Rb and kicker. toronto is better then the record shows.

i think torontos d gave up the lead tonight right with under 3 minutes to go? they got lit up last week by the bombers also.

lemon,boyd and the kicker? u really think a qb who most people are saying is terrible and they dont know why bell isnt the full time starter, and a running back who had 1 good year and cant stay healthy and a 40 something kicker would make a difference?

ill give u the benefit of the doubt tonight but..explain the other 3 losses the 1-4 argos have. this team is simply not as good as their record was last year..last year they won cuz of their d and sp teams.. this year their d is still good but have been lit up a few times already and chad owens is non existent. i would say barker sucks more. i mean your comparing the winningest coach in cfl history to a guy who.. well, quite honestly.. is the biggest cry baby in the league. that mic'd up thing they did in the pre-season, it showed you how much barker whines all the time.. his little rant last week proved it again... im glad that mic'd up thing isn't a permanent thing because.. it would get awfully annoying to have to listen to jimmy cry all game.

bc's problem is they cant catch. argos problem is their d and sp teams haven't really won a game for them like they did last year.. my bad, against calgary, prefontaine kicked a last second fg.

really they are a couple calgary missed fg's away from being 0-5 like the lions. MAVER was hurt week1. missed at least 2 maybe 3 short fgs.. argos won by 1 on a last play fg of their own.

teams have figured owens out, they have also figured the toronto d out. toronto's offense doesn't scare anyone.. regardless of if lemon or bell or kackert (who is a pretty solid running back himself) or boyd plays.

toronto's record was inflated last year.. d and sp teams has been their calling card for years..sp teams this year? not so special.. their D.. doesn't look as intimidating as years past. For the argos to win, they need their d and sp teams to show up.. they haven't.

I'll take the guy who's going to the hall of fame, has 4 Grey Cup victories as a coach to his name, has more wins than any other head coach and is generally one of the most respected coaches in the CFL thank you very much.

If we're simply talking this season, Toronto is at best a mediocre team. In the CFL, you can't do anything without a QB. They have a bunch of plugs at receiver and they aren't catching anybody by surprise. BC is either a good team that's struggling and will come on strong as usual or a team in dire need to re-build because although half the team is very young and includes some of the best young stars in the CFL, the other half is past their best before date.

toronto is better than their record

they could have easily won the 2 games against winnipeg if it werent for second half collapses and the same for edmonton (who is 5-0 and only beat them by 1 point.

But they also could have lost their opener against Calgary if Maver was healthy. Like the rest of the league, the Argos are what their record is. Not better, not worse.

Maybe we should ask the Italian Stallion, Carm Carteri. He might respond “No comment”!

I'm sorry to say that it is Wally... with the talent and vets on the Lions they should be better than being oh-4-the-season so far... Barker has a younger team that can only get better... BC might have to trade more vets and get younger, IMO