Who Sucks More? HAM or SSK?

Im getting sick and tired of this back and fourth sniping between Rider and Cats fans. (who am I kidding.. I love it)
Anyways.. lets get a poll going here for which team sucks the most.
In one corner you have the second coldest team in the league that have only won one game in their last 6 and it was against Hernry Burris in overtime. On the other side you have a team that has blown huge leads in critical games, and has half of its wins this season came against Henry Burris.

6 losses in a row by REGINA !! Nuff Said,

Actually Toronto should be in the poll, they are pretty bad also, just got a little lucky against us and they LOST to the Ottawa REDBLACKS ! actually now that I think about the REDBLACKS have beaten Toronto and Winnipeg, they should be the 2 in the poll :rockin:

with an improved Joseph having another game under his belt, or a returning 100% healthy Durant, sask may not suck so much as assumed.

ticats puzzle me some. I think they have the better team than the argos, specially with argos injury woes this year.

When the real ticats play, they may not suck so much either.

I don't feel any team actually sucks. The cfl as a whole this year is another matter, sigh

Well obviously Winnipeg and Ottawa suck more... This thread/poll is to determine who sucks more between these two only...
As for Toronto, They have something the Cats don't have. A running game

OH !! :expressionless: In that case, REGINA :thup: they signed I guy that was sitting on the couch the past year eating cheesys :lol:

Yeap.. Calgary is good.. Edmonton is decent. Saskatchewan was decent with Durant and is now awful.
BC, Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa and Montreal are not even pro calibre.

Yup, the Argos were indeed lucky to beat the Ti-cats.

But when the Ti-cats beat the Argos, they DOMINATED!
They should have blown them out!

Yet, with two games remaining, I see the Ti-cats sitting in third place in the (l)east division, even though I’ve constantly read on this forum how the Cats are the best team in the east.

Tiger-cat fans.

Btw tc23, nice try to divert attention away from the Ti-cats as worse than the Riders.
The old bait and switch tactic is a favourite of Ti-cat fans. :lol:

Still 2 games left, we will. soon see :rockin:

Both suck right now. Bungle, you're the only one not "pro calibre" as a poster. Ok? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I've heard you have a hard on for Stephen Harper though. :twisted:

I find it strange that the title of this thread was edited. The terms I used to describe the two teams were not offensive and I used the terms to let everyone know that it was not intended to be a serious thread.

Ok, so I can say you suck, is that ok? :wink:

What a stupid topic. The Riders are in the playoffs right now, and I still think Hamilton gets in as well. Neither team sucks. Where is the option for this Thread sucking?

After beating the Cats twice in 3 weeks? Should the Cats not be up there first then?

I realize that it's the Bungle Boy who created this thread,so I can understand that with his Jethro Bodine 6th grade education that he figures that 2 is half of 7 :roll: . But then again what would one expect from an uneducated general labourer ?
Bungle Boy is supposedly a Bomber fan,but not to worry real fans of the B.B's I won't hold that against you :slight_smile: Perhaps we should get a poll started on which poster on this forum SUCKS the most or which poster is the most NEGATIVE or which poster is the most MORONIC......Any guesses as to who would get the most votes ? :stuck_out_tongue:


It's time for some cyphering,2 + 2 = 7 :lol:

Saskatchewan has been pretty brutal since they lost Durant, but Hamilton is at serious risk of missing the playoffs in a division with Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto.

We have a winner! :cowboy:

So in the title I say " more". The poll question says ," more" . Yet you want to crusify me because it says ," most" in the thread. You really need to calm down and see that his was just for fun.
Then you go off on this idea that I am an uneducated general labourer.. Did it ever occur to you that I am doing a job for money? Did it ever occur to you that some of the stupidest people in the world hold degrees? Did it ever occur to you that not everyone who works in trades is an idiot? Did it ever occur to you that someone built the building that your very life depends on now, and that you better hope that someone knew what they were doing?

who's in the playoffs?

so far Hamilton will be the odd team out.

ROTFLMAO at the Bungle Boy :lol: What’s the problem ? You yourself stated that this wasn’t a serious thread,so why all of a sudden are you being so serious about it ? Geez I guess I hit a nerve or something with your response to a tongue in cheek post by me that if you honestly took serious then I think that perhaps maybe it’s you who needs to calm down. For the record I was making fun of the fact that you consider half of seven to be two :lol: Gee Bungle maybe you should take a few chill pills and relax a little bit,you’ve obviously been working too hard. :cowboy: