Who Sucked the Most Today

Joesph was awful.. Nichols was worse... or was it Glen.. I give it to Durrant though... Apparently he was physically ready but not physiologically. His little pout and freak out on the bench right before the game started must of given the Riders a lot of confidence :roll:

He may have sucked, but at least he didn't throw 5 picks. :wink:

Yeah I didn't get that either. He was physically able but couldn't cuz he was having a moment. WTF? something doesn't make sense there. I guessing he still wasn't ready (elbow) but the Rider brass wanted to down play his injury status and chalked his absence up to PTSD.

Did you see his freak out at the beginning of the game... He was literally in tears.... Then he apologized to the camera man after regaining his composure..
From everything I hear about Ron Lancaster, I don't understand why he is so revered.. He threw 5 int 2 times in the playoffs...lol...
I feel sorry that Joseph had to end his career this way... Sad really.
BTW.. Did Edmonton even have 100 yards passing? LOL.. Calgary will slaughter them.

Hey Bungle, do you have anything positive to say about the CFL ??? I, for one, is getting a little sick and tired of your constant nit-picking of the CFL!!!

ricky ray :wink:

My vote for who sucks the most is mr. Bungle. I am also sick of the negativity from him/her and all that are like him/her.

Cfl is great. So is the nfl.

Thats what Lawless said, Szarka and Mccullough were saying that was pure BS in the pregame show. In fact Mccullough was calling him Gary Clueless.

Ill stop picking on the CFL when it gets back to being the CFL. Johnathan Crompton lead all passers today with 150 yards.
12 years ago I was laughed at on the 13th man site because I suggested that Damon Allen was an effective QB because he threw for 4000 yards. People thought it was ridiculous that a QB could throw for 250 yards on average and be considered an effective QB.. The CFL we are seeing this season is just a mere shadow of what the CFL was back when we had Flutie, Dunnigan,Archer and Ham.
This thread was started as a tongue in cheek thread.. I think most people find it funny.. The fact my poll has the word sulkiest when I tried to type suckyist, but spell correct changed it because it isn't a real word ,should of been a clue.

The CFL should ban zone defences like they did in the NBA...a move which is revered as "saving the NBA". If CFL defences had to play man-to-man coverage we would see a lot more completions downfield like the good ole days.

The NBA didn't ban zone defence. It isn't used often, but a couple years ago the Raps were playing a zone, and the opposing HC slapped the Raps with its own zone defence.

Well something has to ne done.. Recievers dropped more passes this uear then ever before as well... I dont know how you fix that.

Mr Bungle.
Is the word "have" at all in your vocabulary?
Or do you think you actually use "of" correctly?



Oh Bungle. You are are real piece of work. I almost fell out of my chair laughing so hard after reading your response to TDB's question.

Why is it that you appear to be the only one who doesn't understand his question? Please don't answer. I don't want to pee myself laughing so hard.

I dont wash my eggs after I boil them.. So know I dont get it..
I also dont sit when I pee because it is not the end of the world if you tinkle a bit on the side of the bowl..
Nor do I care if my socks are the same brand name.. If they are the same colour then I dont care.
I also dont care if my beer is in the fridge and the labels dont face out...
You see.. im not anal retentive ..you think that you would of figured that out by now.

what does it matter?

would have
would of
so what

wouldn't be the end of the world if I tinkle in your beer either.

Speaking of sucks the most. Those who do not know the difference between a toilet and a urinal and those that are too ignorant to care if they get their pee anywhere but inside the toilet bowl.

Ya never hear of a kleenex before?.. Like you are going to wash your hands anyways… Whats the big deal…

When there's this much suck to go around, I'm not sure it matters who sucked the most.