Who still wants Charlie to be coach?

Does anyone really want to put up with this guy for another year?

I don't. Get rid of him.

I hope he stays but it don’t look good.

I say he stays.
Ask this question at the end of the year.
With a new O.C. and D.C. that have cfl experience, a year getting to know the personnel, and finally capable qb's, this year should we should be very competitive. :cowboy:

Sounds like he doesn't want to be here anyway, probably hung around Jason Maas too long.
Actually I don't think that he wanted to be here after about mid season, too much work for poor old Charlie, probably realized he was out of his element.
If you don't let him go then you will never see 100% out of him, if you do let him go then you have given in and it will cost the organization. Could be difficult to find a good coach this time of year, could gravitate into another couple of lost years.

This once proud franchise has turned into a circus. Taffe needs to go he has proved he wants out,

IMO, we can’t keep changing everything every year. The name of the game is “CONSISTENCY”!!!

The cats have been consistent the past few years. Consistently awful.

Let him go if he wants. He probably will become a good HC here but with all this stuff going on he would be better off with his friends south of the border.

Hey if he is so up in the air about what he wants then let him go for family reason's and get Bob's buddy Dave Ritchie in town Ritchie would do a great job... :thup:
this whole situation is a total joke for this ball club and we also lost the other D coach! that playoff 25% discount is looking real good :thup:

LOL! Lancaster was too old so lets put two geriatrics in charge of a rebuilding project.

Maybe the ticket price increase is for the increase cost in "Depends"

Bob Young needs to step in. Have a discussion with Taafe and then make decisions regarding his president and his coach and go from there.

If you don't want to be a door mat don't act like one.

let him go … or encourage him to go (so he or wvu have to pay to break the contract)

he’s already tarnished here, he’s ruined as a coach here.

it’s all so much BS … weeks after being confirmed as coach he pulls the do-you-really-really-really-want-me ploy, and then offers to buy out his contract (either on his own or with some wvu alum’s deep pockets)

yes, the ticats are somewhat at fault — particularly obie’s nonsensical 10-day period of examination and rumination before declaring charlie was ‘his man’ — but perception is reality. and the reality is charlie doesn’t want to be here, and so we shouldn’t want him here either.
end of story … go and talk to frank kush’s ghost!

Firing him does not free up money...it costs US money.

Him quitting frees up money and might actually gain us money from the UVW payout that I'm sure would have to come our way for the contract breach.

Nope. Not after this.

Oski Wee Wee,

Now I don't even Want him Back..

I voted for him to stay.


I hope our new coach does well as I expect the process is in place to replace Charlie.

Yes, it's understandable he wants to work back home near family etc etc.

No hard feelings as long as Charlie doesn't re-surface in Montreal....

I agree with the above. i think Dave Ritchie would
be the best coach for the job. he also is defensive
minded. Dave loves Danny Mac. So he might bring him in as a assistant offensive coordinator.
Charlie would be a good coach but I think he has
lost interest.

Wow. I have reserved commenting on the Charlie Taeffe situation. I can't believe that this is really, actually happening.

I'm disgusted. I don't care if his son is playing down there and he has 'family issues'. If this was going to be a concern, and he must have known it would be, he shouldn't have signed in December and hired co-ordinators to fit his style. He has made statements saying he wanted to rebuild the Tiger-Cats and wanted to be here.

It seems to me he used Hamilton as a 'safety net'. It says a lot about the character of a man when he breaks his own word. Even worse when he signs his name. And even worse under conditions like this, with our team on the ropes already, and can't afford to be jerked around like this.


Can't can him he quit already!

So he has officially resignedquit? I had thought this was not confirmed yet.

If he is still "deciding", I believe the organization should make his decision for him.