Who still thinks that the season is still young?

By the way Kanneh is injured and we are running out of Vets. So do you really think we can come back in the
second half of the year?????????????? :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Not with the current cast of characters and game plan. We need a couple of good receivers and commit to a ground game with Gable.

We're 1.5 games back of hosting a playoff game. The season is still young.

Just got our butts totally kicked (60-1) we our the worse team in the league and Austin game plan hasn't change from week to week. banged up and who knows when any significant help is coming. Also the rest of the east teams have to keep losing. WE ARE DONE. :oops: :oops:

Season used to start on Labour Day ...
We change six players or more hopefully gel and playoffs are possible in the Least division.... :cowboy:
.... (Le Est Division)

I've been wondering about this saying. Did it come about because our team traditionally plays like crap in the first half of the season?

My Father went to Ti Cat games in the early years of the Tigers and Wild Cats ,saying came from him and all the other fans of those days
"Season starts on Labour Day"
Facts aside ,that's where it comes from .... Football best in Autumn .... :thup:

I think I'd prefer to have a team that considers the season to start on opening day.

Was this more before the cross over when 3 teams from the East had to make the playoffs?
I can't remember when the cross over started.

This is interesting...the good old days!!

• 1983
West Division
BC 11-5
Winnipeg 9-7
Edmonton 8-8
Calgary 8-8
Saskatchewan 5-11

East Division
Toronto 12-4
Ottawa 8-8
Hamilton 5-10-1
Montreal 5-10-1

In real life, Hamilton avenged back-to-back losses at home to Ottawa in the playoffs by going on the road and beating the Rough Riders this time around. Aside from this, though, everything went according to plan once again, with Toronto and BC meeting in the Grey Cup, and Toronto pulling it out after falling behind early on.
Alternate reality in this case would have Calgary crossing over and facing Ottawa on the road, leaving Hamilton out of the picture. Given how strong Toronto was that season, I can’t see a huge change to history happening here, but you never can know for certain.

Not sure when the cross-over format was introduced, but BC was the first team to cross over into the Eastern Semi-Final @ Montreal in 1997. No Eastern team has ever crossed over and no Western team has ever won an Eastern Final. It wouldn't be surprising to see the City of Ottawa playing host, in November, to the first ever all-west Grey Cup.

Count: :thup: :thup: :thup:

GOTC: The season may be young but the performance is still the same as last year. That is bad because all other teams in the East are way better than us...and the Blue team will no longer guarantee us a third place finish.
We had 11 losses last season....and so far this season we have no wins after 5 games plus the 60-1 blowout.
I'll say it again....the poor game prep and predictable play calling continues regardless.
Austin is wedded to some kind of system from the past. Unfortunately the other teams in the league have no trouble at all dealing with it yet we don't have the ability to counter what they do.

We have been left behind. The sooner the Caretaker and Scott Mitchell deal with the inevitable change that is needed, the better.

This is what's so frustrating. Why keep trying the same crap this far into the experiment?

I believe 96 is when it was introduced.

I'm pretty sure it was 87 The year after what happened in 1986

Hamilton played Toronto in a two game total point series Hamilton made a big comeback in the 2nd game to win the east

4 teams from the west played with Edmonton emerging as the West champs

The rest is history with the Cats winning the 1st of 2 Grey Cups in a 44+ year span

I'm pretty sure that it came before the U.S. expansion

I could be wrong though