Who Steps Up?

This is inspired by Hank01's speculation that the team might be willing to part with Jovon Johnson because they hae someone else in mind.

The guys below have not contributed a whole lot...yet. Do you recall seeing/hearing anything that makes you optimistic that the light is about to go on for one of them?

79 Acree, Matt DL I 6.03 295 23 Drake
39 Backus, Quinn LB I 5.10 215 24 Coastal Carolina
31 Boyett, John DB I 5.10 203 26 Oregon
8 Harty, Jake WR — 6.02 210 24 Calgary
– Kanongata’a, John DL I 5.09 216 23 Montana
97 Kashama, Kalonji DL — 6.04 259 24 Eastern Michigan
37 Lafrance, Kienan RB — 5.10 210 24 Manitoba
49 Lattanzio, Ettore DL — 6.00 252 25 Ottawa
— Legaré, Simon OL — 6.04 305 26 Montreal
83 Macdonell, Scott WR — 6.05 220 24 Queen’s
50 Malcolm, Kevin LS — 5.11 230 24 McMaster
— Mark, Venric RB I 5.08 175 — West Texas A&M
90 Marshall, Andrew DL — 6.03 240 25 Simon Fraser
— Owens, Ladarius DL I 6.02 259 24 Auburn
18 Pierzchalski, Alex WR — 6.05 220 24 Toronto
47 Romick, Nigel DL — 6.05 248 24 Saint Mary’s
36 Rosamonda, Nick LB I 6.01 212 25 North Greenville
— Shoemaker, Tyler WR I 6.01 200 27 Boise State
59 Silas, Jake OL I 6.07 315 24 Buffalo
— Simmons, Skyy WR I 6.04 200 28 Syracuse
— Taylor, LaVance RB I 5.10 194 26 Central Missouri
34 Van, Travon RB I 5.11 205 24 Montana
— Washington, Evan OL I 6.05 322 24 Louisiana State
51 Wheaton, Aaron OL — 6.05 295 23 Toronto

Ugh...Sorry the list looks so crap...

We've seen a bit of Boyett, and talked about him here earlier. He had that great pick in Hamilton. Looked pretty dynamic out there when he was healthy (which was rarely) but also, like Abdul Kanneh, the type to really walk that line between aggressive tackling and 15-yards too aggressive. I could see the team being confident about replacing Brandon Thompson with that guy.

And I know it's not all about measurables, but we need to replace a right tackle and Jake Silas is a rather healthy sounding 6'7", 315. I just remember when they showed the Edmonton offensive line stats during the Grey Cup and those guys were all gigantic. I'm looking forward to seeing how he does.

Check out Quinn Backus' laundry list of accomplishments.

• Graduated from Coastal Carolina in Spring of 2015
• 2015 Medal of Honor Bowl MVP for American Team
• 2014 FCS Athletic Directors Association “Top Collegiate Linebacker?
• College Football Performance Awards 2015 Elite Linebacker Award
• Two-time Buck Buchanan Award Finalist (2013-7th, 2014-4th)
• Three-time All-American (2012, 2013, 2014)
• Three-time Big South Defensive Player of the Year (2012, 2013, 2014)
• 1st player to lead Big South in tackles three years
• Three-time 1st team All-Big South (2012, 2013, 2014)
• 10-time Big South Defensive Player of the Week
• 9 National Player of the Week Honors
• 414 career tackles are 14th in NCAA FCS history, 2nd in Big South history and 1st in CCU history
• 243 career solo tackles are 10th in NCAA FCS history and are a Big South and CCU records
• Led CCU in tackles 26 times
• Had 21 double-digit tackle games
• Member of the National Football Foundation Hampshire Honor Society
• Earned Big South Presidential Honor Roll recognition three times (2011-12, 2013-14 and 2014-15)

Backus resume is impressive .

Jake Silas is indeed a formidable size. I thought he'd be a good replacement for Kelly once he left for the NFL. However, with the recent departures of Shologan and Capicciotti, we're now short 2 Canadian starters. Maybe RT can be filled by a National? Another Canadian receiver (Alex Pierzchalski may be a good fit) and replace the DL's with some internationals.

I'm really rooting for Connor Williams to take the opportunity in front of him.

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2016/01/20/redblacks-williams-fights-back-from-injury]http://www.ottawasun.com/2016/01/20/red ... rom-injury[/url]

Pictures of him on Twitter hitting the gym like crazy. Hope it pays off.

Some nice comments from DC Mark Nelson during mini-camp.

“That (Gascon-Nadon) kid’s looked good,? Nelson said. “You always lose good players, but there are always good players who can step up and play. If I had to pick a guy that I thought I came in and made the most improvement, I’d say Forrest (Hightower). I know where he was last year and his arrow went up. That’s a tribute to a guy who busted his ass in the off-season, listened to what we told him and went and got better. Hopefully when all is said and done, we’ll have 12 guys on our defence with their arrows pointing up.?

Mike Moore apparently gets the start tonight at defensive end. Clearly Whiteside has that gig sewn up if he's healthy, but this is quite the opportunity for a late signee like Moore.

Jake Harty is pencilled in as a starter at WR, while McDonnell and Pierzchalski are listed as back-ups to sinopoli. He contributed quickly on special teams last year so maybe he's had an impressive camp. He's been mentioned as a possibility there for some time to replace lost Canadian talent so it could just be an experiment too. Either way, the door's wide open.

Well, hopefully Travon Van does. :oops:

I want to watch the game again tonight, but one guy that stood out to me was Ettore Lattanzio. I was a little surprised to see him as a 2nd-team DT because he's relatively small (I think 6'0" and 250 or so), but he looked pretty disruptive, even if stats don't really reflect it.

Jake Harty certainly didn't look out of place. :thup:

Just a little reminder that the season starts in less than a week Ellingson will step up as usual.

Lol...Never gets old. Unless you're that DB!

Speaking of DBs, a co-worker just mentioned to me that Campbell said on radio that Jonathan Rose might start this week in the defensive backfield. I assume he would be replacing Brandon Sermons, who was expected to take over the corner spot vacated by Jovon Johnson. Pretty impressive for such a late signing. :thup:

Who stepped up?
Zach Evans?
The "O" line?

Wow Harris stepped up big time with Williams . Milo what a clutch field goal from 57 yards? Great offence from the receiving core . Van looked better as the game went on . Fantastic start and first win in Edmonton since 83 .

Great entertaining game . Need to clean up a few off sides and confusion in players on the field but a great game non the less .

Any report on injuries? Burris is not supposed to be that serious, Gascon-Nadon went down with what looked like a cramp, not sure though. Did Mateas finish the game?

It’s being overlooked a bit too, but they started nine Canadians on Saturday night instead of seven. Not sure how many teams could afford to do that. :thup:

Also, nine different guys catching passes. :thup:


Did they? Or is it your opinion that they could? And if they could, why don't they?

We don't start nine Canadians in Montreal, but we do start eight (5 OL, 1 WR/FB, 1 FS, 1 DT).

Also, please ignore Trump and do not take him as a representative of Alouettes fans. By and large, we are interested in having civil conversations with fans of other teams here. :slight_smile:

On the subject of Ottawa's D, I wonder if Montreal will try to put together more run-oriented packages to have success on the ground. Your front seven is a bit on the light side, it seems to me. Either way, should be a good game!

I’m sure the Als will test the three Canadians starting on the “D” line. But the Esks tested them too, John White was held to 43 yards rushing and total rushing was 57 yards for the Esks.