Who stepped up?

Another season has come and gone and it's time for analysis.Which players stepped it up from last season or were diamonds in the rough in your opinion?
I have to say personally that I was impressed with Garrett McIntyre's improvement.From 19 tackles, 1 sack to 32 tackles and 8 sacks.Very nice :thup:

O line pass protection.

Sacks given up

2009 42 (8th)
2010 26 (1st)

Wonder how much of those numbers can be attributed to Porter holding onto the ball too long in 2009, and Glenn's more decisive and quicker release in 2010.

FG percentage

2009 76.0%
2010 76.2%

(that's a joke)

Ironically, Palardy was 86.7 % with Winnipeg, better than Sandro was last year.

Stala! Bruce! Knowlton! Glenn! Johnson! Baggs(for the limited time he was here)! Most of the Dline for that matter! McDaniel! the entire Oline! Barker! Floyd!

Better question for me would be who didn't step up this year, DeAngelis & a fair number in the secondary come to mind, but not many after that.

In 98 or 99 the Cat O-line only gave up 7 sacks all year.

Chris Bauman improved significantly. He had some fine games in the second half of the season and was a real clutch receiver on Sunday. But for him, all the debate about what plays we should have called on the last drive would have been academic. I hope we retain him for next season and beyond. I hope he feels like staying.

I believe that was 1999 and if I'm not mistaken still a CFL record.

I was impressed with the play of young Ryan Hinds. He had a couple of drops but is a good cover corner and tackler. He can only get better. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Pretty sure both years were single digits. Combo of greatest line in the CFL at the time and D. Mac's quick release.

Jerome Dennis. I wasn't a fan of his coming out of Training Camp but he was our most consistent DB all year and is a great tackler. Rarely got beat in the second half of the season.

Y'know, that's a good one! An unnoticed DB means that he's doing his job. The opposing QB ain't throwing to his area.


:thup: That IS a VERY good one!

Who stepped up?..how about a round of applause for our very own, Dylan Atack !!! :wink:


How about the drumline? Members associated with EPIC. Did you notice them at the opening of the Gemini awards on Saturday night playing with the host (from Glee)? Very proud of the boys and girl.

For me, Dylan Barker. Given the spotty surrounding cast he often had to play with (Tisdale being the main exception IMHO), Dylan made significant strides in what is one of the most challenging positions in the Canadian game. If this kid can keeping improving his hands, he's going to be an impact safety in this league for years to come in the fine tradition of Ticat safeties past. The instincts are there. Barring injury, we've got a stud defender there to general our secondary to future success!

Oski Wee Wee,


Keepers:Tisdale,Bradley in a backup role, Heyward in a backup role, Dennis.

A few Canadians especially stand out as having really made a jump forward - Dylan Barker, Chris Bauman, Ryan Hinds and Jermaine Reid (anyone else notice how well he played on Sunday?).

Ryan Hinds looks like a rare nonimport allstar db :thup:

deff. Bauman stepped up. reid, bolden, kirk, and, Mcintyr. they really ramped it up after long and adams were gone.

i think matechuck our long snapper is well deserving of some praise too. not a bad snap all year, and made some downfeild tackles with some awesome hussel. I hope we keep him till he hangs up the cleats. unsung hero for sure.

and wilbur. cam in 4 or 5 games into the season and I was glad to see him punt

Stalla Bruce and Bauman

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