who starts next week?

Give the ball to Williams.. lets see what he can do with a couple of starts..

With the lack of pass protection and all the "hurrys" I think that Printers is the best one to handle the rush.

8) I seriously doubt that Printers will be ready to play next week anyway !!
 Rick Zamperin said he sat next to Casey on the flight and he said that his thumb was still very sore and swollen !!!

If Printers is ready, he plays.

I say start Williams till the o line get fixed. They have too much money invested in Printers to put him behind that line.

Start Williams, he showed alot of heart out there against the Als.

Printers has yet to prove his "heart" for this team.

Williams is not afraid to stretch the field "throw the bomb" something this team has lacked for some time.

Aside from hendy, you guys are a complete joke. If Printers is healthy, then he starts - no if's, and's or but's. With such a young receiving corps, the STARTING QB MUST play and synchronize their timing AT GAME SPEED.

You say that Williams throws long bombs - they are more like mediun-range wounded ducks. Printers has twice the arm strength and accuracy than Williams. And for the misguided individual that is caling for Chang (in another thread) - You are entitled to your opinion, but it is completely and utterly wrong.

I prefer to let whomever the interim coach is decide on his own starter.

No doubt Printers throws a better deep ball. Timing on his deep passes have been the problem and instead of relying on a jump ball Casey (with timing) will hit his guys in stride.

casey needs to throw his deep balls when the guy is going towards the other teams endzone instead of when the guy is coming back to the quarterback. Hit him when he makes his break and let him run under it.

If Printers is healthy he starts.

I don't think we need to question Printers heart!

They should have a contest in practice....

Whoever throws best from his backside should start!!!

I like that idea. In a crazy season it kinda makes sense!

Kidding aside, Williams played a decent game last night. Although, we saw the same trends continuing...no protection, qb scrambling for his life. Although, he didn't do anything that warrants a qb change. If Casey is healthy, he will play.

i am kind of leaning towards williams

Does it really matter at this point. Our so called O Line could not block if their live's depended on it. I find it hard to believe the braintrust thought the current group had enough talent to protect Printers. Back to your original question - Printers all the way.

I think there are still serious defects in Williams' game. The deep balls he throws are scary looking, for the offense. I swear that they have a play called "jump ball". That's what all of his deep passes look like. There's no real intent it seems.

Secondly, his throwing motion may be causing this - but several passes i saw the ball seemed to roll off the side of his hand. Instead of throwing it he seemed to be pushing the ball and it goes into the turf. It happens alot when he throws on the run. Other times he can throw bullets.

I think inconsistency with fundamentals is his main problem. But he does have the potential to get the job done. Sometimes he does it, sometimes he doesn't.

Prechae is made for the jump ball! Let Williams throw the jumper to Rodriguez! It works!