Who starts next week at QB

I say casey printer if he healthy if not richie and i know it not my choice but intersed to see what people say

Casey if healthy.

We know we have an excellent young QB who can come into the game in relief and do well when called upon. I would rather have Williams enter a game at this stage without being gameplanned to death and with less pressure on him starting and have him continue doing what he's doing.

Casey will continue to need the reps as he assimilates the playbook. He is the guy. That may change, but it's only three weeks into his time here.

At 2-10, there is no compelling reason to change the current setup. Barring injury, I expect Casey will start the rest of the season. Allowing Williams to come in during games if Casey has problems, I would certainly not be adverse to that.

It's a luxury to have this situation.

Oski Wee Wee,

One more thing:

Unlike the whole Maas-Chang cuffuffle earlier this season, we know we have a backup who has earned his spot when the real bullets have been flying. I am far more comfortable with the prospect of Williams eventually overtaking Casey as starter next season because I'm actually seeing Richie competing and playing superbly on the field. There isn't just a feeling and a resume boosting as there was with Timmy.

I sincerely hope Timmy continues to work hard because with time I think he can become a good QB in this league. He has to put his time in though. Once he gets used to CFL speed and has done the mental prep to handle the defences of this league, he's going to get his shot somewhere and do a better job of it. Richie should be his role model in that respect.

Oski Wee Wee,


I'll raise some eyebrows with this but.

Give Richie start. This will help Casey in two ways. First heal completely, hamstrings and be nasty, nagging injury's, and second he can learn the offence and expand the play book more.

Richie has proven he knows the play book, he's proven he can throw strikes where timing routes or while scrambling.

Casey our our now, let's give him a week to heal and feel (learn our playbook), Richie and Timmy are our future, Richies earned this start, I want to see him play.


I agree with most, start Casey if he is healthy, but he must be pulled if showing signs of further injury to the hammy. Richie did a great job coming in and playing a conservative game and controlling the ball, but Casey is still the man.

If Casey is not ready to go, and needs more time to heal, then start Richie as he certainly has looked good in relief.

What I have liked about Richie in the times that he has played is he knows how to react to the blitz. He doesn't panick, he runs laterally to avoid the blitz, not backwards (which is what Chang often did), and stands in and delivers the ball to a player while taking the hit.

These guys are similar type players which makes it easier when Richie has to come off the bench.


That isn't a biggie. LOL

I understand that approach too. However, my issue is who gets the practice reps. Casey needs those reps, I believe.

Again, it's changing a successful formula (Wiliams in relief). If Casey needs some more time to heal, then let's go with Richie.

I just don't want his current comfort zone upheaved aginst strong opposition "stunting his development" to pull an Adam Ritaism. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

I voted for Williams but ONLY if Casey still has problems with his leg.

Would you rather have...

Casey at 42% of the playbook?
Richie at 80-100%?

I think id rather have Richie considering we're playing Winnipeg, if Lumsden and Armstead are again healthy they should help Richie through it.

I thought he was at 42% on Friday. LOL

If he’s 25 or 6 to 4 of the playbook (thanks Chicago) that’s okay with me. 55% assimilation of the playbook should let me rest easier. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Seriously though, I rather have Williams replace Printers at a given point because I at least know the kid CAN pull out a game.

My two cents.

Oski Wee Wee,

I say Ritchie Williams. He's earned a start. Get Casey 100% healthy and learning the playbook. There's no rush to get him in as we're out of the playoffs.

I thought Taaffe said he was at 41% last week, and now with him hurt it could be 41.5% :slight_smile:

We are??? :wink:

Casey if he can go …
Other Wise I have Faith in Richie…

You seriously think we can make the playoffs???

imho - Williams should start, because he knows the playbook ,as mentioned, and because printers needs time to recover, possibly injury from nfl,?- allthough starting Williams could create a qb contravesty :stuck_out_tongue: :rockin:

Casey if healthy ,he's the name QB everyone is waiting to see, and this takes the pressure off of Richie Williams,who if lucky gets valuable playing time half way through the game again if Casey's hamstring acts up.

I'd go with Williams for a number of reasons 1. to see how he does as a starter with the D studying him all week 2. There's really no point in playing Printers as the season is over basically 3. Printers doesn't know the playbook 4. We already know what Printers can do and this will increase Williams trade value if he can perform well as a starter or make Printers an option as far as trades goes.

trades :twisted: -- No more trades!!!