Who starts next week and also...

So basically i'm just wondering what we do with this position that we're in. In my opinion start chang again next week he can only learn form his mistakes...if he falters again than i dunno depending how bad or good he plays wil;l decide weather he gets another start..but while doing this I'd have to say, do allt hat u can to convince Printers to come here and start and make more money that he would down south on the practice roster and were showing interest apparently to the president they have talked to Printers agent..thats my opinion..and yours??

WOW, WOW , WOW !!!!

Not even an OPTION for Ritchie Williams !!??

What in the name of Fr-Eakin Ben Zambiasi does this kid HAVE TO DO to get even the TINIEST AMOUNT of RESPECT from you people !!!???

In the MEASLEY TWO Minutes the kid got ... he showed MORE HEART, DETERMINATION, ATHLETIC Ability, and POISE than Maas, and Timmy Chang - COMBINED !!!

I am COMPLETELY BESIDE MYSELF, as to WHAT the @#$! this man has to do to get a FAIR CHANCE in this town.

It is ONE thing for the MYOPIC, OBTUSE fans around this site NOT TO GET IT ... but for an ENTIRE ORGANIZATION from the GM down to the Coaching Staff NOT to be ABLE to see it !!!??? I am DUMBFOUNDED !!

To even SUGGEST that Chang get another START is FOOLISH, STUPID, MISGUIDED, and a WASTE of EVERYONE'S time ... the kid has a NOODLE for an Arm ... PERIOD, END of STORY !!

As BAD as some of YOU People though Eakin may have looked in his LIMITED Opportunity - ATLEAST the guy has an ARM !! Chang should have / could have had atleast TWO more of his DUCKS Intercepted. YOU PEOPLE CAN'T SEE THAT !!!??? OMG !!!! I have never seen a MORE BRUTAL Half of QBing in MY LIFE !!

This Organization is SPINNING IT'S Wheels in the mud, looking for a QB - when RIGHT UNDER their NOSES - they have a RAW TALENT LANGUISHING in the #3 QB Slot.

As far as I am concerned the Timmy Chang EXPERIMENT is OVER ... the guy PROVED his GAME ARM is LAME !! Something I said FROM the FIRST MOMENT I heard he was here !!!

Now that Maas is here for the REMAINDER (along with his bloated contract), may as well let him BACKUP a REAL TALENT ...


P.S I am NOT holding my breath on this one, cuz', QUITE FRANKLY, there are a BUNCH OF IDIOTS making the decisions in this organization WHO JUST DON'T GET IT !!

A) Chang with about the length of hook shown today if need be.

B) Maas in a competitive game if he can steady a situation off the bench.

C) Williams as soon as it's clear Chang or Maas hasn't got it that game.

For me, Williams should get more game reps if Maas isn't lighting it up in relief. The closer we edge to 2008, the need for more game tape on Chang and Williams for future decisions is crucial. The Maas factor will need to be phased out gradually as the team falls completely out of contention. A recipe for pain? Very possibly. But unless Casey emerges from the IWS dugout in the proper colours and brings competitive wood, the youth auditions are going to have to happen. I want to see Chang and Williams more in a 1-17 worst-case apocalypse, not less.

Oski Wee Wee,